A Simple Question We All Wonder - Are Debt Settlement Companies Scams?

Written by Jon Butt

Are debt settlement companies scams? It's a simple question so does it have a simple answer?

Along withrepparttar genuinely helpful firms, there are plenty of operations billing themselves as legit debt settlement companies. These debt company scams prey on debtors by promising relieved debt and empty their pockets forcing payment of outrageous fees.

For starters, scams are a fixture on Internet pages scattered throughrepparttar 149383 net. From 'scamdicapper' sites that 'highway rob' bettors & gamblers of their wager earnings to false charity sites,repparttar 149384 best debt negotiation companies are hard to come by.

There are plenty of operations billing themselves as legit debt settlement companies. These debt company scams prey on debtors by promising relieved debt and empty their pockets forcing payment of outrageous fees.

As A Debtor It's Your Job To Be Careful When Getting Out Of Debt

Although hundreds of debt settlement companies scams are reported torepparttar 149385 FBI by debtors and investigated byrepparttar 149386 Federal Trade Commission every day, there are some solid, bona fide debt settlement companies out there. Avoidrepparttar 149387 sketchy operations of scam companies by becoming acquainted withrepparttar 149388 best companies for debt negotiation. Click onrepparttar 149389 menu choices onrepparttar 149390 top left forrepparttar 149391 best debt settlement companies listed atrepparttar 149392 bottom of each page. Only bonafide companies get rated.

Getting Past The Idea Of Budgeting & Saving Money

Written by Gregory Thomas

I'm sure you'll agree that budgeting, saving money, and eliminating debt are very appealing ideas. If effectively tackled, these goals can secure your financial status forrepparttar future, and allow you to live a comfortable, debt-free life.

However for some unfortunate reason, these important financial goals hardly ever get accomplished, and most will continue to go through life consistently worried about their financial security, unprepared for whatrepparttar 149382 future may hold.

I have been writing money saving articles and newsletters for SavingSecrets.com for over 6 years now, and after being in contact with a number of readers overrepparttar 149383 years, I found that many who were interested in learning how to effectively save money simply lackedrepparttar 149384 foundation to accomplish this.

I am a firm believer thatrepparttar 149385 ability to save and budget is dependant onrepparttar 149386 plan and approach one takes. Sure many proclaim they want to conserve and save more, but how many actually accomplish this? Saying one thing and actually doing are completely different from one another. Why do you think so many New Year's Resolutions are forgotten and never heard from again?

For example, think ofrepparttar 149387 times you yourself started a new hobby or goal. Were you successful? If not, how long did you stay with this new undertaking? What was your reason for quitting or not following through withrepparttar 149388 intended plan?

From this short self reflection, you can probably guessrepparttar 149389 reality most would-be budgeteers are faced with. Even though these individuals haverepparttar 149390 desire to conquer their finances, for some reasonrepparttar 149391 task never gets accomplished.

What is needed to help guarantee success is inspiration and a solid approach, or what I like to refer to as a "game plan".

Think about it.

If someone wants to learn how to playrepparttar 149392 piano, realistically, they are not going to just sit down and start banging away onrepparttar 149393 keys. They'll never learn to playrepparttar 149394 piano effectively that way!

In order to tacklerepparttar 149395 process of learningrepparttar 149396 piano, an eager student will take lessons, purchase "How To Play Piano" books, tapes, cd-roms, interactive software, browserepparttar 149397 Internet for tips and related online forums, check local college for classes and instructors, etc..

Who do you think will have more success learning to playrepparttar 149398 piano? More than likely it will berepparttar 149399 energetic individual withrepparttar 149400 planned agenda and goals, thanrepparttar 149401 dreamer without a "game plan".

Designing Your Game Plan


Once you fully commit to accomplish a particular task, to help improve your chances for success it is imperative that you design and follow a regiment, a well thought out "game plan".

Every task, whether it's for work or pleasure, has some type of goal or objective. If your underlying task is to cleanrepparttar 149402 house, then a specific goal may be to cleanrepparttar 149403 kitchen or organizerepparttar 149404 cupboards byrepparttar 149405 end ofrepparttar 149406 day. If your task is to learn how to playrepparttar 149407 piano, then a goal may be to learn how to play your favorite song within a month or two.

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