A Silly Question Worth Serious Thought - Do You Want To Be Rich?

Written by Noel Peebles

That sounds ridiculous. Of course you'd like to be rich, wouldn't everybody? But do you really?

Your words might say you do, but our thoughts and actions very often say something entirely different.

What am I getting at? Well...

If you are still doing thingsrepparttar same way you've always done things, then reading this could berepparttar 101930 most important thing you do all year. Why? Because your thoughts and actions can berepparttar 101931 fuel you need to get your business up and running.

However, consider this - your thoughts and actions can also act like a 'straight jacket.' They could be stopping you from reaching your fullest potential, or making it easy for competitors to knock you around.

Don't fall into this trap and become a victim of change. Instead, embrace change and continually re-educaterepparttar 101932 mind.

There is an old saying, "you never stop learning" and it's true. If you are willing to make a personal commitment to perpetual re-education, you will come face-to-face with some ofrepparttar 101933 most exceptional opportunitiesrepparttar 101934 world has ever seen.

The truth is; we have all been exposed to more change inrepparttar 101935 last two decades, than mankind has experienced inrepparttar 101936 past 2000 years. The situation is terrifying, frightening and awesome in its potential opportunity.

Ten Ways to Simplify Your Life

Written by Jennifer Ottolino

In this very fast paced world, it seems impossible to simplify our lives. But think about this, how much time and energy do you waste onrepparttar unnecessary? How much time do you waste because you can't find things? How much energy do you waste telling yourself allrepparttar 101929 things you should do? We often make life much more complicated than it needs to be and somehow we have convinced ourselves that our lives must be filled to max. We over schedule our lives, and then wonder why we feel dissatisfied. In turn, we end up spendingrepparttar 101930 majority of our time onrepparttar 101931 things that don't matter to us. Here are some strategies to help you weed outrepparttar 101932 unnecessary and simplify, simplify, simplify.

1. Extend your boundaries- It is okay to say no. If you are not comfortable committing to a task, or something doesn't feel right to you, then don't do it. We often get in trouble because we ignore our gut feelings, and most ofrepparttar 101933 time it leads us downrepparttar 101934 wrong path. 2. Drop your to-dos- Droprepparttar 101935 to-dos that have been on your list for a couple of months. Get rid of those tasks that you keep telling yourself that you will get done but you always find something more interesting/important to do. If you have not done them by now, they are not important and draining your energy. 3. Remove clutter- How much time do you waste looking for things? Do you have stuff that you need to get rid of? The more cluttered your space is,repparttar 101936 more stressed you are going to feel. When you remove clutter, get rid of stuff that you no longer need, and give objects a home your life will run more smoothly. In addition, you will create a space for new things to enter your life. 4. Develop your values- Determine what your values are and live to those values. We often feel conflicted because how we are living is out of sync with our values. For example, if your number one value is family and your job requires you to work 65 hours a week is it any wonder that you feel unsettled and unhappy? When you’re clear about what is important to you, it will be easier to let go of things that don't fit. 5. Examine your Beliefs- What are your core beliefs? Some of your beliefs maybe limiting your ability to let go of tasks and projects that don't add value. If you believe that you create value by being busy, it is much harder to let go of tasks. If you believe thatrepparttar 101937 only way to make money is to work hard, then you will always work hard. Remember, we look for circumstances in our lives to reinforce what we believe.

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