A Scrapbook Page To Celebrate Your Child's First Haircut

Written by Nigel Patterson

Here's a great idea for making a special 'first haircut' scrapbook page. Betweenrepparttar ages of about 12 and 18 months, a baby boy or girl may go for their first hair cut. You've probably seen that there are many children's hair salons that offer special deals for a child's first visit. They have a special chair, take a photo or even videorepparttar 143093 visit -- and then later you take awayrepparttar 143094 photo or video and a lock of hair as a keepsake. So why not create a scrap book page to celebrate this event in a special way!

Here are some tips to giverepparttar 143095 page a fresh angle. And of course these ideas could be re-worked for all kinds of different kids' scrapbook projects.

Use Homemade Paper

For a unique background, try using homemade paper. You can make your own customized paper of any color and texture you want. This takes a bit of time and effort. Alternatively, try soaking a piece of card-stock. After a few minutes, crumplerepparttar 143096 paper a bit and then iron it flat again. This will closely approximaterepparttar 143097 appearance of homemade paper.

Painted Tissue Paper

Painted tissue paper can add a colorful flair to your child's 'first haircut' scrapbook page. To paint tissue paper, punch or tear bits of tissue paper into various shapes. Then, using watercolor pencils and a wet paintbrush, thoroughly coatrepparttar 143098 tissue paper. Now diprepparttar 143099 painted tissue paper in a mixture of scrapbook glue and water and place it on white card-stock.

Turn To Weather When You're Bored

Written by Chris Orr

What do you do when you are bored witless and want to grow some more brain cells? Just when you think there is nothing left to do on summer vacation, here are a few weather related crafts and experiments.

Onrepparttar top of my list is time-lapse photography. Set up a camcorder on a tripod, point it at a hill or butte, and fliprepparttar 143092 time-lapse switch. Time-lapse cloud photography is fun to watch. You will see clouds try to develop and dissipate, some seemingly standing still while others whip on past. High clouds and low clouds may move in different directions, too.

Whilerepparttar 143093 camcorder is running - preferably for several hours - you can study wildflowers, birds, assorted varmints, or just relax. However, it is a good idea to pack up and leave if a thunderstorm heads your way.

In second place on time consuming projects isrepparttar 143094 making of an anemometer, a device used to measure wind speed. One style I worked on as a kid and never perfected used a bicycle wheel with a bunch of one or two-ounce cups attached to it. The cups have to be evenly spaced to thatrepparttar 143095 wheel is balanced. All ofrepparttar 143096 cups need to facerepparttar 143097 same direction and one should be distinctive so that you can countrepparttar 143098 number of revolutions it makes.

The number of revolutionsrepparttar 143099 wheel makes varies according torepparttar 143100 wind speed, sorepparttar 143101 second step in this project is to find out how many timesrepparttar 143102 wheel goes around at a given speed. The easy way to do this is to take a bicycle withrepparttar 143103 same diameter wheel and a speedometer. Spinrepparttar 143104 wheel untilrepparttar 143105 speedometer reaches 10 m.ph. and count how many times it goes around in one minute. Dorepparttar 143106 same thing for 15 m.p.h. and 20 m.p.h.

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