Written by Craig Lock

* Write something every day. DISCIPLINE and DEDICATION isrepparttar key to eventual writing success, I believe. Also practice makes "purrfect".

*Always remember, that getting published takes commitment and hard work. PERSISTENCE and PATIENCE too are vital ingredients inrepparttar 129411 mix.

* Treat your writing as a career, as you would a "normal" job. Throw yourself into it with "gay" abandon and reckless enthusiasm.

* Be open-minded and be open to criticism. As in...

"This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown away with great force." - Dorothy Parker HOWEVER, other people can give you ideas about your work and be subjective about it. I believe that most people genuinely want to help you get ahead, so don't take comments too personally.

Grab the Headlines; Craft a Compelling Press Release

Written by Sonali Raval

Have you been followingrepparttar news lately?

Doesn't it amaze you thatrepparttar 129409 media continues to report on every move Elizabeth Taylor makes? She hasn't made a movie in what, 25 years? And yet, every time she sneezes, its news.

Here, in India, Priyanka Gandhi-Vadra hogsrepparttar 129410 headlines. What has she ever done, apart from marrying a non-entity and producing babies? And yet,repparttar 129411 press follows her around on a daily basis.

The point is -- ifrepparttar 129412 media can make space for someone who hasn't really done anything interesting, they sure can give you a plug or two.

Almost any event can be turned into news if you craft a compelling press release. That means your press release must be "newsworthy", not promotional material. Editors do not like promotion; they like news. You have a good chance of getting a plug if your press release can convincerepparttar 129413 editor that:

You are offering timely and newsworthy information Your company is new and different You are doing something unique or are specialized in nature

Editors want news, a "different angle". They want to publish something that their readers will like to read. Always remember this and you will never go wrong with your release.

Here are a few tips to get you going.....

Develop a News Hook Not every event is earth shaking. But even ordinary happenings can be turned into a "newsworthy" affair. All you need to do is create a "hook" - something unusual, maybe even bizarre that hooksrepparttar 129414 reader's attention and keeps it. Often such hooks are a simple stunt; e.g.repparttar 129415 day "Turok 2: The Evolution" was launched,repparttar 129416 gaming company released large ads with a proposition forrepparttar 129417 public. Parents of a child born on that day would get a $10,000 savings certificate as a gift if they named their baby Turok. The ad had its intended effect as numerous newspapers devoted thousands of column inches to debatingrepparttar 129418 ethics of this offer.

The Big Picture Tie in your activities with a larger concern. When a considerable number of people are affected by something, it automatically becomes news. A veterinary pharmaceutical company needed publicity for its mastitis care product. It sent out a press release that stated, "Mastitis costs dairy sector Rs. 6053 crores ($1.26 billion) every year" Having grabbedrepparttar 129419 editor's attention withrepparttar 129420 sheer magnitude of this problem, it then offered its product as a solution. You can be pretty sure allrepparttar 129421 editors carried this news.

Pyramid Structure Newspaper reporters followrepparttar 129422 Pyramid style of writing. All pertinent information is contained inrepparttar 129423 first paragraph. Subsequent paragraphs elaborate. Historically, editors have had a tendency to cut shortrepparttar 129424 reporter's copy. So reporters developed this style to ensure thatrepparttar 129425 readers getrepparttar 129426 complete story even if only one paragraph of their copy is printed.

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