Written by Sue Donnelly

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- by (Top UK Image Consultant) Sue Donnelly

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Aging. It's an inevitable fact of life. But just because you might be getting a little bit older and wiser it doesn't mean you can't look as vibrant and youthful as you feel. There is a way to grow old gracefully while holding backrepparttar 143913 tell-tale signs of aging.

1. Do you still wear clothes that you looked good in when you were younger and possibly slimmer?

Yes [] No [] 2. Has your hairstyle remainedrepparttar 143914 same forrepparttar 143915 last 5 years?

JOB SEARCH 101 - A Written Chronicle

Written by Detra Davis

The whole job search effort is completely exhausting and at times just plain pathetic. It is what it is and if you are unemployed know thatrepparttar job search experience is one familiar to everyone at some point and time, so don’t feel alone. One ofrepparttar 143727 major mistakes many job seeks make is not being able to keeprepparttar 143728 whole job search experience organized.

Remembering who you spoke to on what day, concerning what job can be a true “mission impossible.”

There are a couple of things that can makerepparttar 143729 whole experience more palatable. Lighten up and write it all down.

1. Write down all names, numbers, address, driving directions, phone and fax numbers associated with your job search. You never know when you will be able to help someone else find a job. Remember good deeds never go unrewarded and what goes around comes back around.

2. Writing a resume for each position is essential and usingrepparttar 143730 correct verbs to describe your talents and accomplishments is crucial. It is unlikely in three, five or ten years that you will remember how you described increasing those sales accounts 300%. Keep those old resumes, they will come in handy.

3. This is a very small world and keeping a record of good interviewers could land you a job inrepparttar 143731 future. Always keep in touch with people who make a dynamic impression, even if you don’t getrepparttar 143732 job.

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