A Roofing Enigma

Written by Bob W / Four Seasons Roofing and Siding

For all of those who suffer fromrepparttar giant ice growth atrepparttar 100162 eaves inrepparttar 100163 winter.

Ice and Water Shield

The onset ofrepparttar 100164 ice & water shield usage inrepparttar 100165 northeast afterrepparttar 100166 great ice storms ofrepparttar 100167 early 90’s has brought with it a mentality that has made forrepparttar 100168 profession a strange enigma. The experience that is forever embedded onrepparttar 100169 minds of those that dwelled underrepparttar 100170 massive influx of water resulting from ice dams has causedrepparttar 100171 mandate of ice and water shield usage inrepparttar 100172 installation of new roofing systems. This is much like a doctor that treatsrepparttar 100173 symptom, rather than offering a cure. Ventilation is almost alwaysrepparttar 100174 way to cure such problems. The costliness of doingrepparttar 100175 job right often involves a redesign ofrepparttar 100176 situation. Many times, with a little education, more can be done withrepparttar 100177 proper approach that can afford a lasting roofing system, and a healthier environment for those living insiderepparttar 100178 dwelling. Visit us at: http://www.fourseasonsroofingandsiding.com

Come with me to the Casbah!

Written by Debbie Rodgers

A ripe persimmon is a thing of beauty – sweet, succulent and an amazing shade of orange-red. Orange and red continue to be popular colors in decorating this year but 2004’s shades are softer and more vibrant, like ripe persimmons and pomegranates.

Don’t limit these jewel-tones torepparttar inside of your house. They can be incorporated into a beautiful outdoor theme by usingrepparttar 100161 rich and exotic influences of Morocco.

•In countries such as Morocco, which linerepparttar 100162 balmy Mediterranean, curtains are often used in place of doors to allow breezes to circulate freely. Use gauzy fabric such as mosquito netting or scrim, a light, sheer, loosely woven cotton or linen cloth used for upholstery lining. Since it’s inexpensive, you can install luxuriously full draperies without going broke.

•If you’d rather not have curtains, consider usingrepparttar 100163 same fabric as a tent over a table or a chaise. Some nettings come with a center hanging unit, or you can easily make one of a 2’ square piece of plywood and some rope.

•Intricate latticework is another element often seen in Morocco. You can emulaterepparttar 100164 look by edging pieces of plain lattice (the closerrepparttar 100165 weave,repparttar 100166 better) with old carved porch posts. Paint roughly with turquoise or azure and then further distressrepparttar 100167 finish with sandpaper. Alternatively, you can install a carved wooden room screen.

•Wood furniture will give yourepparttar 100168 most authentic Moroccan look. Don’t have wood furnishings? Try constructing a simple low-slung chaise from a used solid core door with six fence post tops screwed intorepparttar 100169 bottom. Paint or stain it to look like rich wood and top with a thick cushion (use an 8” foam mattress cut to measure). Use a heavy-weight fabric forrepparttar 100170 cushion cover and make sure it’s a bright orange or red color!

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