A Revolution in Online Gaming

Written by James Simpson

Apex Web Gaming has been open for over two years and has made amazing progress, but this isrepparttar biggest leap sincerepparttar 149967 start. The site has been 100% recoded and redesigned, and hopefully you will agree that it is definitly forrepparttar 149968 best. Many new features such as new game genres, great new forums, game reviews, many community features, and much more have been added.

This isrepparttar 149969 first of many advances to make Apex Web Gamingrepparttar 149970 best source onrepparttar 149971 web forrepparttar 149972 growing world of web

How to Become a Modern Saint.

Written by Stuart G. Harrison

How can anyone ever become a saint? Performing three miracles is so time consuming, and just what counts as a miracle these days?

Luckily, you can (right now) become a modern saint ofrepparttar Church of Reformed unimentalists. Their web address is www.yousaint.com

The church believes that everyone can have moments when they are saintly, so why not let them become a saint.

This belief is tied to a concern that many items and events in modern life currently have no parton saint to look over them.

Combining these two problems providedrepparttar 149921 solution, to offer modern sainthoods.

If you can provide details of a deed you have accomplished that you feel qualifies you as a Saint, together with a small donation of just 35 you will become a full Patron Saint ofrepparttar 149922 church.

To commemorate your sainthood, a gift pack is sent torepparttar 149923 new saint. This pack includes an Audio CD recording of your canonisation ceremony, a certificate, and further information about your new patron subject andrepparttar 149924 Church of Reformed Unimentalists.

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