A Review of WebPosition Gold v2.0 BETA (Part 1)

Written by Kalena Jordan

FirstPlace Software, creators ofrepparttar popular web site marketing software WebPosition Gold, recently announcedrepparttar 128157 forthcoming release ofrepparttar 128158 long-awaited version 2 of their product. WPG v2.0 is already available in Beta format (see link below) and boasts an impressive number of new features to help web masters ensure their web sites are spider friendly, ranking highly and submitted torepparttar 128159 most appropriate search engines and directories worldwide.

I decided to reviewrepparttar 128160 BETA version ofrepparttar 128161 new software and share my findings via this article. I have limited my review torepparttar 128162 new features and enhancements provided forrepparttar 128163 options I use, rather than concentrate on all features ofrepparttar 128164 product. For ease of reference, Iíve also listed my analysis ofrepparttar 128165 new features underrepparttar 128166 same headings used by WPG here: http://www.webposition.com/wpg2upgrade.htm .

General Enhancements

1) More Engines

Support for an additional 60 search engines and directories is probablyrepparttar 128167 most newsworthy feature of WebPosition Gold 2.0 and a major convincing factor influencing existing users to upgrade to version 2.0 and non-users to become customers. The added support for regional search engines in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Spain, Mexico, Latin America, Russia, Italy, China, Japan, Scandinavia andrepparttar 128168 Netherlands is a major selling point because it allows users to check their rankings on, submit to and design their web pages for search engines and directories in these countries.

Over time, WPG has probably lost significant market share to TopDog, reporting software that offers support for over 200 regional search engines. But this WPG enhancement, combined with existing features, makes WPG more attractive than ever before. A few observations:repparttar 128169 BETA version of WPG v2.0 does not yet offer support for New Zealand or Mexican engines, despiterepparttar 128170 listing above. Iím hoping these will be added in time forrepparttar 128171 full release. Alsorepparttar 128172 claim thatrepparttar 128173 search engines of Spain and Latin America are covered is a bit misleading becauserepparttar 128174 BETA version only covers three Spanish language engines under Spain/Latin America rather than country specific engines. Also there appears to be a Scandinavian engine Passagen lumped in withrepparttar 128175 Spain/Latin American engines - obviously a temporary glitch. Also, some countries are represented more fully than others, for example, 10 engines are listed for Germany, but only two for China and Russia. Hopefully these numbers will increase with future updates. †

2) Easier Engine Management †

Now you can quickly choose search engines based on location, importance or personal preference, thanks to new drop down lists. Search engines have been divided into global and regional sections, then categorized by country and importance - primary or secondary. You can also set up your own preferred list, selecting only those engines you consider important. This preferred list can then be quickly selected for multiple mission files. For someone like me, needing to run between 10 and 15 missions per week, this feature is very convenient.

3) Vital Statistics †

Now when selecting which engines to include in your Reporter missions, a box appears listing important statistics about that engine, such asrepparttar 128176 URL, link popularity and a brief description. † 4) Better Help †

I havenít had to use it lately, but FirstPlace Software claim their WPG help file has been greatly improved and expanded. Certainlyrepparttar 128177 index seems at least twice as large in v2.0.

5) Better File Management † You can now define a default mission directory to make file management easier - a logical improvement.

6) Faster Downloads †

Updates now tend to download extremely fast, meaning your mission is not interrupted and you get access torepparttar 128178 latest WPG version almost immediately. While updates torepparttar 128179 program may download faster, I did not notice any difference in time for report completion inrepparttar 128180 new version. I tested this twice by setting up identical Reporter missions and timing how long each took using WPG 1.60.5 and WPG v2.0 BETA. Each time I ranrepparttar 128181 test,repparttar 128182 mission running on WPG v2.0 finished in 5 minutes, whilerepparttar 128183 mission running onrepparttar 128184 older version finished in 4 minutes.

7) Powerful Multi-tasking †

Another big feature of v2.0 isrepparttar 128185 ability to run more than one instance of WPG at a time. This means multiple reporter missions can run concurrently - a huge advantage for persons needing to run ranking reports for multiple clients. I havenít used this feature very much inrepparttar 128186 BETA version, worried that running more than one mission at a time would overload my flimsy dialup connection. Butrepparttar 128187 few times Iíve tried it (running two small missions together), it worked just fine, with both missions finishing within seconds of each other. The other nice thing about this feature isrepparttar 128188 ability to set up new missions while running others. You can also work with other parts of WPG, for example using PageRank in one WPG window while running one or more reporter missions in another. Perfect for those of us who are born multi-taskers. † Reporter Enhancements

1) Reduced Disk Space

A long awaited option in V2.0 BETA isrepparttar 128189 ability to conserve hard disk space by selectingrepparttar 128190 box marked 'delete actual results files after reports are generated to save disk space'. Selecting this box ensures detailed search pages downloaded byrepparttar 128191 program are automatically deleted once information from them has been extracted for your reports. This particular feature has already saved me countless hours spent deleting detailed search engine results that tended to eat up my free disk space viarepparttar 128192 old version. A very sensible (and much appreciated!) enhancement.

2) Advanced Browser Emulation †

In response to a growing lack of support for automated querying software by some search engines,repparttar 128193 new version of WPG includes an option to slow searches down. It is claimed that this makes it more difficult for engines to detect you are using automated software.

"Rising Above the SEO Reputation"

Written by Kalena Jordan

How many times have you seen an article referring to SEO (search engine optimization) as a "Black Art" or "underhanded", "manipulative", "sleazy", "deceptive", "sneaky" etc?. I could go on and on but you get my drift. The thing is - our industry has a pitiful reputation which is being reinforced on a daily basis byrepparttar media and word of mouth.

This realization hit me betweenrepparttar 128156 eyes recently when I read a comment in a search engine forum from an SEO who claimed he used his ethical SEO methods as a Unique Selling Point. Look what we've been reduced to - differentiating ourselves fromrepparttar 128157 masses because we DON'T breakrepparttar 128158 rules. What other industry could boast such a thing? Apart fromrepparttar 128159 used car industry, I can't really think of any.

So where did this nasty reputation come from and why has it been allowed to propogate? Well, it's mainly care ofrepparttar 128160 hundreds of cowboys out there who decide one day they are online marketing experts, announce themselves as SEO's and set up a backyard biz, deciding (naively) thatrepparttar 128161 fastest way to achieve high rankings is to breakrepparttar 128162 rules, "crack"repparttar 128163 search engine algorithms and underminerepparttar 128164 search indexes by generating pages and pages of search engine spam. They do this by creating doorway pages designed for search engine spiders rather than humans, complete with hidden text, hidden links, cloaking and lots of other "tricks" they come across as they surfrepparttar 128165 Internet.

Problem is these self-proclaimed experts don't bother to do their research and learn that such spamming techniques have long been ineffective. Nearly allrepparttar 128166 search engines these days have sophisticated methods of detecting and removing spam within days of receiving submissions. Penalties for spammingrepparttar 128167 search engines differ from engine to engine, but can range from being "red flagged" and put on a watch list, to being hit with a ranking penalty, to having your site permanently banned from their index (in severe cases). The type of scumbag SEO's that would play Russian Roulette with their client's web sites in this fashion are well-deserving of scorn. It can take months for search engines to lift such penalties, if they decide to at all.

While ineffective, such search engine spamming techniques have definedrepparttar 128168 reputation ofrepparttar 128169 search engine optimization industry to date. In turn, this reputation is eroding business for so-called "ethical" SEO's - a term I use loosely to describe SEO's that don't try to underminerepparttar 128170 search engine indexes when optimizing web sites. Actually, I'm not really comfortable withrepparttar 128171 term "ethics" to describe SEO. Untilrepparttar 128172 industry establishes and accepts a standardized Code of Practice, we are just measuring others by our own personal standards and a set of arbitrary rules. Butrepparttar 128173 SEO's I'm talking about strive to keep search results as relevant as possible by revisingrepparttar 128174 visible site content and followingrepparttar 128175 guidelines set down byrepparttar 128176 search engines inrepparttar 128177 optimization process. Some SEO's call this "White Magic SEO" - a tongue in cheek response torepparttar 128178 "Black Magic" jibes I guess.

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