A Review of The Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Hotel in Orlando, Florida

Written by Jason Canon

Our family loves to try a new vacation spot every few months but we held off taking a Walt Disney World Orlando vacation until our son reached 8 years old. The expectation was that he would be old enough to riderepparttar fast rides alone while we waited on a bench butrepparttar 142855 reality turned out to be that we rode most rides together.

For us one ofrepparttar 142856 most important considerations in planning a trip is to find justrepparttar 142857 right hotel accommodations. I have to admit to spending quite a few hours onrepparttar 142858 Internet reviewingrepparttar 142859 comments posted by other travelers on My Trip Advisor. The site allows me to not only see what other people have to say but also to decide how close their experience might match ours. I have never been disappointed by following this technique. For this trip,repparttar 142860 research really paid off. The Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Hotel in Orlando wasrepparttar 142861 only hotel on My Trip Advisor that hadrepparttar 142862 kind of ratings that I was looking for.

In researchingrepparttar 142863 accommodations we found thatrepparttar 142864 Hyatt Regency offered everything we were looking for. For starters,repparttar 142865 1,500 acre resort gives you plenty of breathing room even though you are located adjacent to EPCOT and Walt Disney World Resort. From our balcony roomrepparttar 142866 lake view createsrepparttar 142867 feeling that you are on your own private island. Getting away fromrepparttar 142868 feeling of living in a big city is important to us andrepparttar 142869 Hyatt Grand Cypress scored big with us on that point.

Three ‘HOT TICKET’ events from Superbreak

Written by Robin Richmond

Guys And Dolls, Ascot @ York And The Grand Prix   Three ofrepparttar UK’s ‘hot tickets’ events of 2005 are available from Superbreak http://www.superbreak.com.  The short break specialist has put together accommodation packages torepparttar 142835 new Guys and Dolls musical starring Ewan Macgregor in London; Royal Ascot, which this year is taking place in York andrepparttar 142836 British Grand Prix weekend at Silverstone. GUYS AND DOLLS - £94.50pp – Guys and Dolls marksrepparttar 142837 return of one ofrepparttar 142838 greatest musicals of all time, withrepparttar 142839 first new production in 23 years of Frank Loesser's classic starring Ewan McGregor at London’s Piccadilly Theatre.  Guys and Dolls tellsrepparttar 142840 story of a small group of small-time gamblers andrepparttar 142841 ladies in their lives. Stay atrepparttar 142842 two star Regent Palace hotel which is situated literally next door torepparttar 142843 theatre.  The price of £94.50 per person includes one night’s accommodation with full breakfast and a Grand Circle ticket to seerepparttar 142844 show.  Valid Monday - Friday from 20th June.  Based on two sharing.

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