A Revealing Interview with A Design & Marketing Expert

Written by Cris Anderson

This week we asked one of Worldprofit.com's senior designers, Cris Anderson, to comment on some ofrepparttar key elements of effective design. Here isrepparttar 134785 interview in it's entirety.

Q: Why should a business hire a professional designer and marketer?

A: A professional designer and marketer will be able to evaluate your needs and give you a site that is effective. Here are a few things that we consider that an amateur will not.

It is crucial that you have a complimentary layout torepparttar 134786 content of your site. There is no point in having a long extended full screen web page when you only have one image and a single paragraph of copy.

The appropriate images must be used and placement is a main factor. Using improper images can actually confuse visitors and that isrepparttar 134787 last thing that we want to do.

The file sizes must be minimized. If it takes too long for your pages to load, then people will leave.

Marketing is ofrepparttar 134788 utmost importance. An effective marketer will know how to keep people at your site and help you make sales. We look at sites and think they are properly designed, but when they are compared to ones that have been created by a professional, we realize that they have not considered all ofrepparttar 134789 factors above. Don't take chances with your company's reputation. Get a professional designer and marketer to work with you and create that effective site that you need.

Q: What should businesses look for in hiring a web site designer?

A: Look at their portfolio. When you see quality from a designer, then quality is what you will get. Often I see design companies that have portfolios that look like they just started last week. You do not have to likerepparttar 134790 colors or evenrepparttar 134791 layout, but consider ifrepparttar 134792 site is effective. If I complete a dog grooming site, then look atrepparttar 134793 site and ask yourself, "Is this site effective? What arerepparttar 134794 benefits for me? What do I get? Why should I stick around?" If you go to a site that you wouldn't even want to stay at, then why would you want that same designer to make a site for you?

Q: Cris, tell me what you think isrepparttar 134795 biggest mistake people make in their web sites?

A: I believe that people are overly concerned with inundating their site with dynamic elements. Let me explain. Dynamic means: "Of or relating to energy or to objects in motion." Static means that nothing is moving. We often think dynamic is better that static. This is not alwaysrepparttar 134796 case. Yes, a flash presentation or banner is a vital element to success of your site, but if it is designed improperly, then it is just an eyesore. Inrepparttar 134797 same regard, having a static site with no flash or javascripts or any type of motion can be so beautifully laid out and effectively marketed. We don't need scripts or animated gifs all over our sites to make them effective. People do indeed enjoy motion, so my suggestion is this: limitrepparttar 134798 energy on your site to focus on one thing. This thing should make you money or bring visitors back. Add flash to your site and looserepparttar 134799 annoying animated gifs. Flash can market your site, whereas animated gifs are often a distraction.

Q: What factors do you consider when it comes to use of color in a site?

A: As a professional designer for many years, it is my job to knowrepparttar 134800 --ins and outs-- of color. I do not choose color based on, "Red is pretty." In certain cultures, color can represent very negative connotations then in other cultures. You must determine whorepparttar 134801 majority of your audience is. Also, there are many color studies that play a part in choosing color. Did you know that when subjects were placed in different rooms painted with certain colors, that yellow made people visibly agitated within minutes! Color is taken very seriously and chosen to complimentrepparttar 134802 theme and product of a site. If I do a site for a hiking company, then I will undoubtedly use earth tones, whereas a cruise site will get "sunny and warm" colors. I think most of us can agree that grays are not a good choice for a cruise site!

SEE IT! LIKE IT! BUY IT!Flash Animation 101: A behind the scenes look at what's involved in creating an effective web site animation

Written by Cris Anderson

Animation is more involved than what appears inrepparttar final product. There are many aspects of animation that go unnoticed, such as paying attention to, and complimentingrepparttar 134784 message, legibility and limiting motion and breaking uprepparttar 134785 monotony. Let me explain how I planned and animatedrepparttar 134786 flash banner at http://www.dreamcruises4u.com.

It is important to ensure that your copy is legible. It goes without saying that if you can't readrepparttar 134787 message, then you've failed already. I use white copy on a medium blue background inrepparttar 134788 opening scene. The copy is legible and is isolated inrepparttar 134789 corner so thatrepparttar 134790 eye is drawn to it. If I were to have multiple simultaneous animation onrepparttar 134791 banner in that scene, thenrepparttar 134792 important message of, "Get Incredible Cruise Bargains" would suffer. Too much motion at once is distracting. Let your viewers have a chance to absorb your message before you start flying more copy in their faces.

Finding a way to breakrepparttar 134793 monotony is very important. If you maintain a consistent standard for introducing your copy and it does not vary at all, then nothing important sticks out. Notice that I use an anchor to pull uprepparttar 134794 copy, "All Ports Worldwide!" This scene is effective, asrepparttar 134795 rest ofrepparttar 134796 images have been "dissolved" andrepparttar 134797 simple animation ofrepparttar 134798 anchor introducesrepparttar 134799 new copy without distracting fromrepparttar 134800 message.

Nearingrepparttar 134801 final scenes,repparttar 134802 copy "We'll find what you want for less!" is animated to jump out at yourepparttar 134803 viewer. The "For Less" copy is enlarged and centered so that it becomesrepparttar 134804 main focus. When it becomes smaller, it changes color so that it is stillrepparttar 134805 primary focus. Still images are cycling underneath to giverepparttar 134806 viewer indications ofrepparttar 134807 diversity that is possible with one of these fabulous cruises. We want them to see this, but it is more important for them to seerepparttar 134808 message above. Take great care in ensuring that your message is primary andrepparttar 134809 images are a compliment.

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