A Resurrection Story

Written by Janette Blackwell

My mother often wound up inrepparttar hospital duringrepparttar 148900 last decade of her life. She had good health insurance and a good many ailments, and she generally outstayed two or three hospital roommates.

One afternoon she got a new roommate, her third. But not for long, I thought. Because this one was about to die. The tiny grey-haired woman, whom I’ll call Mrs. Anderson, was sleepingrepparttar 148901 far distant sleep ofrepparttar 148902 almost-dead. I have never seen a person more clearly underrepparttar 148903 shadow of death. She had left this planet in her mind, and her body was about to follow.

An aide brought her dinner and tried to shake her awake. Her oxygen tubes and IV tubes rattled, but she gave no response: he might as well have shaken a doll.

When I came backrepparttar 148904 next morning, my mother had no breakfast platter, as she was scheduled for a test that required an empty stomach. Mrs. Anderson had acquired a breakfast platter and a daughter who was trying to get her to eat from it. But Mrs. Anderson’s eyelids didn’t even flicker. She was still far from us, waiting inrepparttar 148905 anteroom of heaven.

Finallyrepparttar 148906 daughter disappeared. Maybe she’s Catholic, I thought, and she’s gone for a priest to administerrepparttar 148907 last rites.

Turned out she’d done no such thing.

She’d gone torepparttar 148908 airport and brought back her two sisters. And now there were three of them, all tall, slender, and blonde, all with a family likeness. And all attempting to resurrect their mother fromrepparttar 148909 almost-dead.

“Mom? It’s Deb. I flew clear from El Paso, just as soon as I heard.”

No response.

“It’s Connie. I’ve come to be with you. I love you, Mom. Please, please just open your eyes and look at me.”

No response.

“Just look at me. Please. Please.” Her voice was shaking.

Mrs. Anderson’s eyes flickered just for a moment, then closed again.

One ofrepparttar 148910 daughters disappeared. She returned an hour later laden with food. She had obviously hit a grocery store and hit it hard. Now they had their own grocery store. I wished my mother could have something from it, for lunchtime had come and gone, she had received no lunch tray, andrepparttar 148911 orderlies still hadn’t come to take her to her test.

The Anderson daughters continued to struggle. “Mom? How about some mandarin oranges? You know you love mandarin oranges. Num num. Or a doughnut? Just one bite? It’s chocolate frosted.” No response. Her eyelids didn’t flicker.

Why don’t they leaverepparttar 148912 poor woman to die in peace? I thought.

“We need you, Mom. We love you. You can get well.” But Mrs. Anderson was far from us. The shadow of death lay over her, thick and dark.

Silence fell. I glanced over at her. One of her daughters had climbed into bed with her. She was snuggled up like a snuggly spoon, cradling her mother’s back in her young, warm bosom. One arm was over her mother, holding her close. She was willing her warm, loving life into her mother’s almost dead bones.

Coping With Divorce Anger

Written by Tracy Achen

Successfully releasing your anger will help you begin healing after your divorce. Right now you may feel a great deal of rage at your ex-husband. You might be thinking that if it weren’t for him, your life wouldn’t be so messed up. These feelings are actually a necessary part of your healing. Acknowledging Anger Wouldn’t you just love to tell him what a sorry human being he is? How he didn’t respect you and treated you like dirt. Well, do It! Take a piece of paper and write down everything that he did wrong. Release allrepparttar anger that has been bottled up. Get it all off your chest. Tell him how he hurt your feelings and how you suffered to makerepparttar 148864 marriage work. Don’t be surprised if this letter goes on for pages, just get it all out.

Now forrepparttar 148865 important part.......Do Not Give Him This Letter. It would only re-enforcerepparttar 148866 impact that he had on your life. Burn it or throw it away. Allow yourself to release that anger and resentment. It’s over and done with. You’ve acknowledgedrepparttar 148867 hurt and are now ready to figure out what went wrong and move on.

Gaining Insight Gaining insight into why your marriage failed helps you to move on to healthier relationships inrepparttar 148868 future. Start by thinking about what attracted you to him inrepparttar 148869 first place. Maybe he was handsome, strong, or wealthy. What benefits did you get fromrepparttar 148870 marriage? Maybe it was security, companionship, or a sense of belonging. These arerepparttar 148871 things that are important to your core being, andrepparttar 148872 difficulties in your marriage probably stemmed from threats to these areas.

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