A Rare Leadership Skill: Dealing With People Who Want Out By Offering Crowns For Convoy

Written by Brent Filson

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Summary: Most leaders eventually have to contend with people who want to leave their team or organization. How you deal with such situations can be one ofrepparttar 119429 most important things you do as a leader. Here is a simple but powerful process, taught by Shakespeare's Henry V, that will help insure you dorepparttar 119430 right thing.

A Rare Leadership Skill: Dealing With People Who Want Out By Offering Crowns For Convoy by Brent Filson

As a leader, you'll inevitably be faced with people wanting to leave your team or organization. Dealing withrepparttar 119431 challenge is critical for your leadership success. Your response will have ramifications far beyond your immediate circumstances. One ofrepparttar 119432 best ways to respond comes from Shakespeare's Henry V.

The stirring speech of Shakespeare's Henry beforerepparttar 119433 battle of Agincourt contains many leadership nuggets. But commentators who recountrepparttar 119434 speech usually overlook a particularly valuable one. They focus onrepparttar 119435 speech's "band of brothers" aspects but neglectrepparttar 119436 fact that Henry also said that if any of his soldiers would rather not fight, he'd give them passport and "crowns for convoy" back to England.

Henry was aware that some of his soldiers were reluctant to fight; for he led a rather bedraggled army. History recounts they had marched 260 miles in 17 days. They were short of food. They were drenched by two weeks of continuous rain. Many of them were suffering from dysentery contracted from drinking fetid pond water. And they were facingrepparttar 119437 flower of French knighthood, knights who were rested, better equipped and eager for battle. So there were probably many soldiers who wanted to avoid battle, get quickly torepparttar 119438 coast and board ships for England.

Shakespeare has his Henry respond to these leadership challenges in a telling way. Instead of trying to cajole those who wanted to leave into remaining with him, or onrepparttar 119439 other hand, punish them, he did something much more effective: He actually offered them passports and money to go.

Hollander Consultants Symposium Sets Standard for Client Delivery

Written by Matthew Bratschi

Hollander Consultants Symposium Sets Standard for Client Delivery

CLEARWATER BEACH, FL: Hollander Consultants is holding its annual Florida symposium in Clearwater Beach with over 350 people in attendance. Doctors of veterinary, dentistry and optometry are being given useable and workable tools to help their patients and clients achieve better care and excellent service.

Hollander Consultants’ clients flew to Clearwater Beach from all overrepparttar country and even from Canada to attendrepparttar 119427 symposium. It is being held fromrepparttar 119428 17th torepparttar 119429 20th of March.

Dr. Jeff Carden, a general dentist from Tuskegee, Alabama said, “This isrepparttar 119430 third general symposium I’ve been to. Each time I’ve brought a majority of my office staff. After each symposium, we’ve gone back and blown our previous production numbers away!”

For over 14 years, Hollander Consultants has conducted symposia in Clearwater Beach to provide a forum for clients to achieve greater skills in managing their practices and developing competent, well-trained staff.

Larry Silver, president of Hollander Consultants, said, “The Hollander Consultants symposium at Clearwater Beach is a key part of our consulting package. We take a three pronged approach in helping doctors succeed in their practices. We provide in house training of doctors and their staff, regular personal consultations by our highly trained consultants and our biannual symposia. We also have a graduate symposium for doctors that are ready to move on torepparttar 119431 next level.”

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