A Promise Fulfilled

Written by Joyce C. Lock

As young people often tend to feel invincible, my daughter would be employed two and three places at a time. Being born flat-footed, her feet didn't always cooperate. In time, x-rays proved her bones had actually moved to where they were laying side by side (instead of on top of each other). Additionally, there were bone spurs. Joints throughout her body would swell, and doctors had failed in diagnosing it. Shoes often created too much pain to wear. Medical tests required funds that were otherwise needed. Becoming a common thing for her to run torepparttar basement to put clothes intorepparttar 126915 dryer, only to find her sitting atrepparttar 126916 bottom ofrepparttar 126917 basement steps crying (not being able to climb back uprepparttar 126918 stairs), we began to supply a wheel chair for outings. Having no insurance and two young boys to provide for (not being able to take 6 mos. off work), God would provide her with feet just long enough to finish a shift. Though having been a person with a heart forrepparttar 126919 needs of others, she was never able to manage her own spiritual walk. Finally realizing God had allowed this to physically happen, so we'd realize her spiritual condition was an infirmity, I began to research scripture. If two shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. Mt.18:19 The verse God gave us was this ... "Make straight paths for your feet, lest that which is lame be turned out ofrepparttar 126920 way; but let it rather be healed." He.12:13 Receiving that verse as God's instruction to teachrepparttar 126921 straight gate, she then began to walk both spiritually & physically. Setting out to fulfillrepparttar 126922 required condition, we focused on listening for God and receiving His every next step of instruction - to not followrepparttar 126923 laws in ink, but seeking to know God's heart. Already knowing she hadrepparttar 126924 gift of prophecy, her abilities became more refined. As long as her focus was on God, she'd continue improving. Seeking God with your whole heart, He reveals himself to you. Je.29:13 A few months into this journey, and she began experiencing God in newfound ways. The following months were so exciting, she could hardly put God's Word down! She'd say, "Oh, this is so neat! I have to tell you what I found! I finally understand this!" ... asrepparttar 126925 phone would ring all hours ofrepparttar 126926 night (being about to burst just to tellrepparttar 126927 wonderful truths of God).

At the Edge of Our Faith

Written by Carol Dee Meeks

“It isrepparttar friendliest kind of cancer,”repparttar 126914 doctor

said. “I don’t think it will visit him again,” he added

with a smile.

Basal Cell Carcinoma, a malignant epithelial tumor-a

skin cancer, was born on my husband’s nose from too much New

Mexico sun. Indeed, it isrepparttar 126915 best kind of cancer to make

its home on your body if cancer has to camp on your door


Butrepparttar 126916 days we spent waiting forrepparttar 126917 report led us to

the edge of our faith. Likerepparttar 126918 wolf howls at midnight on

the canyon’s rim, we stood and watched our future slip into

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