A Principled Plan

Written by Robert Bruce Baird


The motivations of those in power must be evident and ethical. That wasrepparttar case whenrepparttar 146009 ruling body ofrepparttar 146010 Keltic clandoms of Atlantis (NW Europe and islands ofrepparttar 146011 Mediterranean as well as missions inrepparttar 146012 Americas and at times co-ventures with Phoenicia or Mu) met each day. It was three women and three men ofrepparttar 146013 best training and proven performance. None butrepparttar 146014 Druidic trained were eligible. This schooling was integrative and complete in all areas of knowledge torepparttar 146015 point of understanding enough to have no fear or need of 'expert' influence. The six King/Bairds ruled from their acceptance till their death or 25 years. Atrepparttar 146016 end of that term there was a great celebration or wake. They wererepparttar 146017 guest of honor along with captured enemies and criminals who did not find favor in ostracism. They all would be placed in a wicker wood enclosure and burned. There was no reason to sell favors or feather any nest eggs. If an administrative Ovate or Bishop was to be found transgressing any law or regulation they would pay four timesrepparttar 146018 dire fine. They could not hide behind their subordinates asrepparttar 146019 politicians like Nixon and Bush did recently in Watergate and Ollie North, etc. They would be finedrepparttar 146020 same fine as their lackey or helper who was fined. The Brehon Laws were situational ethical constructs that placed a high awareness onrepparttar 146021 psychological and spiritual reality in their decisions. A poor man stealing bread might be given more food; but a person of substance who took advantage ofrepparttar 146022 poor would be made significantly less powerful.

Six is a good number for decision making committees. These six people should have different strengths and expertise as well as an irreproachable public persona. With immortality imminent (900 years according to articles in Scientific-American)repparttar 146023 term could be a century or more. I would imaginerepparttar 146024 group might want to replace one member every few years by means of a majority vote. I think a mandatory replacement of two people every 50 years would keep a core group of recognizable motivational wise people. These replacements could be drawn from a clan council (of old) or Advisory Panel of helpers. This panel should be taken from all walks of life and all areas of expertise. It might need to place weight in areas of social import such asrepparttar 146025 war on women, and thus have more women than men at first.

PEROGATIVES OF PURPOSE: The mission statement is simple - improverepparttar 146026 quality of life! The means might change over time atrepparttar 146027 request of duly elected officials ofrepparttar 146028 United Nations. Such requests would not have to be honored byrepparttar 146029 six members ofrepparttar 146030 head council. They would initially pay a lot of attention to transparency issues such asrepparttar 146031 oversight of policing and espionage agencies. Their access to information would be total, but their power would come from their message and wisdom NOT by means of force. A lot of public forums such asrepparttar 146032 U.N. would happen on a regular basis. Encouragement and media exposure combined with ecumenical initiatives would be paramount at first. By telling people about technology that can determine guilt in many crimes through MRI memory scans they would end a lot of legal wrangling and correct a lot of social ills. The money they would receive from estates and charitable donations would be used to create model programs to demonstrate more efficient and humane management of society.

Their web-site would operate as a continuing forum on many issues with worldwide input and access. Countries like China that seek to limit access would find G-7 countries no longer willing to trade with them. Through access to truth people will become empowered! Once empowered, they will demand change. The lack of a moral voice and such access is all that stands inrepparttar 146033 way ofrepparttar 146034 following:

1) The end ofrepparttar 146035 war on women - No arranged marriages - Rights of property and abortion - Equal voting rights and education - No exclusions from priesthoods - Protection from incestuous and ethnic practices like genital disfigurement and being thrown alive on husbandís funeral pyres

The truths about beaded, costume and cubic zirconia jewelry!

Written by Antigone Arthur

Shopping for Inexpensive Yet Brilliant Pieces

History of Beaded Jewelry

Beads have been used to create jewelry and adorn costumes sincerepparttar dawn of time. If you were to look back onrepparttar 146008 Ice Age you would discover small objects crafted of natural "beads" including animal bones and teeth, seashells and colorful stones. These items were usually attached to clothing or plant fibers to formrepparttar 146009 most primitive forms of beaded jewelry.

Beaded jewelry symbolizes many different things for different people; different cultures have associated beads with varying spiritual beliefs, cultural customs and social traditions. Beads, like many other jewelry items, have been used throughout time to adornrepparttar 146010 bodies of men and women alike, signifying power, beauty andrepparttar 146011 human spirit.

The very first actual "beads" that have been discovered date back to approximately 38,000 BC. Made by cavemen, these beads were crafted from animal parts. In later times, beads were crafted as symbols of fertility and animal spirits.

Duringrepparttar 146012 stone age, beads were crafted primarily as a means of adorningrepparttar 146013 body; they were also used for trading on occasion however. A couple thousand years later, beads were crafted out of coral and other "precious" substances. In ancient Greece there is evidence that carnelian beads and beads made of lapis lazuli were worn by wealthy members of society. The use of semi-precious stone beads began to become more popular about 2800 BC amongrepparttar 146014 Syrians, who fashioned beads of materials like agate and serpentine.

Since that time beaded jewelry has become more and more valuable and popular. Gold and other semi-precious stones are often used to craft beaded jewelry.

Perhapsrepparttar 146015 most popular form of beaded jewelry is glass jewelry. Evidence ofrepparttar 146016 first glass beads suggests that glassmaking was common in Mesopotamia around 2180 BC. Glass beads were popular then and are popular now in part because of their durability and inexpensive pricing. The Egyptian and Phoenician cultures are well known for their use of glass to make beaded jewelry. Beaded jewelry was commonly found buried with wealthy pharaohs inrepparttar 146017 ancient tombs of Egypt, though it was not uncommon for glass beads to be buried with poor families as well.

In modern times beaded jewelry is popular because of its versatility and diversity. Beads can be crafted from almost any material includingrepparttar 146018 following:

  • Coral/seashells
  • Gemstones
  • Glass
  • Rock Crystal
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Stone
  • Pearls

Beads can even be crafted out of plastic (though this is of course less lovely than some other more traditional options). Though in times of old beads served as symbols of status, wealth and heritage, today beaded jewelry is more much representative of a persons unique style preferences and personality. Beaded jewelry can be custom made in almost any style, using any type of chain and any type/combination of beads.

Beaded jewelry is just as popular today, if not more popular than it was in ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian times. Buying online is easy, and perhapsrepparttar 146019 best option for bead savvy and not so savvy consumers alike. Buying online eliminatesrepparttar 146020 hassle of traveling from store to store, which can take days or more to findrepparttar 146021 right beads or beaded jewelry. By shopping online, you have literally tens of thousands of unique selections to choose from. Though no longer traded for food, modern jewelry enthusiasts often engage in bead trading for fun and camaraderie.

Costume Jewelry

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