A Powerful and Free Office Suite

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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By Stephen Bucaro

Open Office is a free open-source office suite that not only competes with Microsoft Office, but can open and save Microsoft Office file formats. It was created using code developed by Sun Microsystems for their Star Office product. Open Office includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation manager, drawing application and several other applications. There are versions for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Solaris.

Open Office is easy to use becauserepparttar 107806 interface is similar to other office suites. Naturally,repparttar 107807 first thing I had to try wasrepparttar 107808 drawing program. Within seconds I was able to create 3D textured text and complex textured 3D objects.

Why switch to Open Office? Because now isrepparttar 107809 time to free yourself from Microsoft's Monopoly. If you are not prepared to jump right to Linux, Open Office makes a good transition. You can work with Microsoft Office file formats in Open Office. Then when you switch torepparttar 107810 Linux, you can continue to work with Microsoft Office file formats in Open Office.

Atrepparttar 107811 OpenOffice.org website, www.openoffice.org, there are links to download version 1.0, and version 1.1 beta2. Version 1.1 adds PDF and Macromedia Flash export; DockBook, PDA offic-file formats, and flat XML and XHTML.

When you click onrepparttar 107812 link to download a version for your operating system, you are taken to a chart of FTP servers hostingrepparttar 107813 download. For example, if you are located inrepparttar 107814 USA you would click onrepparttar 107815 Indiana U link.

Offshore Software Development India

Written by Janaki Ramani

Offshore software development, India! : Makingrepparttar choice and making IT work! - Advantage

This article is designed to assist companies who are looking for Offshore Software Development partners In India in particular or in low cost countries in general. The paper coversrepparttar 107803 mechanics of finding an offshore software development partner, setting uprepparttar 107804 relationship and ensuring a successful and long-term partnership.

Benefits of Offshore Software Development India Some ofrepparttar 107805 advantages are listed below:

Significant cost savings, up to 80% in certain cases. The outsourcing company is able to release resources for high value-added and priority work and can concentrate on their core competence, designing, business knowledge while delegating technical tasks, maintenance, research or routine tasks torepparttar 107806 offshore software development company. In some casesrepparttar 107807 offshore software development company can add significant technical knowledge also. While it can be quite difficult to recruitrepparttar 107808 expected competence in Western countries, it is a completely different scenario in India, where there are many qualified programmers with good academic training. For temporary peaksrepparttar 107809 Outsourcing company can avoid expensive new recruitment orrepparttar 107810 high cost of local consultants and instead use lower priced consultants inrepparttar 107811 offshore software development company. Consulting and programming capacity is available at short notice without increasing long term personnel commitments. Outsourcing company also reapsrepparttar 107812 knowledge gained byrepparttar 107813 offshore software development and consulting assignments. Some clients outsource their programming needs by getting programmers from India for short or long term projects to work onsite with their own design team. Others send whole or parts of projects directly to India for offshore software development in India.

Offshore Software Development India, Disadvantages

Following are some problems, which may occur if both parties are not aware of howrepparttar 107814 offshore software development process should be set up.

Language and cultural barriers Time differences Technical communication problems Skill mismatches Quality discrepancies Security problems Lack of a repeatable process Bad management and hierarchical inflexible organizations All of these can be avoided, by choosingrepparttar 107815 right offshore software development partner and working with proper and proven project management processes evolved duringrepparttar 107816 earlier offshore development assignments.

Sometimesrepparttar 107817 Outsourcing company overlooks these risk factors, thinking thatrepparttar 107818 cost savings is so high that these risks are well covered. But in reality this can be a major trap.

Offshore Software Development India, The Ideal projects

Not all projects are ideal for Offshore Software Development. Any task involving proprietary knowledge, which can not be safeguarded with agreements, are not suitable for Offshore Software Development. Very technical and complex tasks can also be bad projects, sincerepparttar 107819 amount of communication needed may be so high thatrepparttar 107820 cost advantage is eaten up by having to explain everything. Very small projects may also be unsuitable, sincerepparttar 107821 time to preparerepparttar 107822 specification might be more thanrepparttar 107823 cost advantage.

But apart from these exceptions, most projects or subprojects are suitable for Offshore Software Development in India. Some ofrepparttar 107824 possible areas could be:

Platform porting projects (like porting from DOS - Windows, Windows 3.11 - Windows 95/NT, UNIX -> NT. Application conversions GUI design Database applications, migration and porting Web enabling legacy systems and client server applications Web development, designing, programming etc. e Commerce - projects Components like ActiveX, VCL, Objects, Reports, and Modules. Object Oriented Programming is very suitable for offshore software development projects. Technical Documentation, end user documentation and manuals Software QA and Testing Remote Linux / Unix administration Remote database administration Remote software maintenance and feature enhancements How to find an Offshore Software Development partner India Make surerepparttar 107825 offshore software development partner you are looking for fulfills at least some ofrepparttar 107826 following characteristics:

Good communication equipment and facilities. Leased line or ISDN connections torepparttar 107827 Internet are essential. Excellent English language skills. Experience and references. Check with a few ofrepparttar 107828 references and ask for their experience and advice on how you should work successfully withrepparttar 107829 company. Visitrepparttar 107830 company and establish a good relationship withrepparttar 107831 offshore software development partner. Make sure they understand your needs and quality demands. Also, check thatrepparttar 107832 offshore software development company has adequate equipment, stable finances and good management.

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