A Person Is Known By the Blog He Keeps

Written by Abhishek Sarkar

Literature isrepparttar soul ofrepparttar 134903 wit. The best source of literature can be now found in blogs. The growing trend of ‘blogmania’ is slowly sweepingrepparttar 134904 netizens. Every person aspires to have a blog as a platform to publish his thoughts and be heard and read.

General surveys undertaken on blogs and bloggers shows a rising trend in blogging. A parallel platform for literary endeavor,repparttar 134905 blogs are overthrowingrepparttar 134906 traditional journalistic norms. Publishing of news and views no longer remainsrepparttar 134907 privilege of an elite minority. Anybody and everybody is free to get in touch and explorerepparttar 134908 writer within himself. The anamorphic nature ofrepparttar 134909 human soul is best reflected inrepparttar 134910 blogs. http://alphablog.rediffblogs.com/2005_20_03_alphablog_archive.html

A survey inrepparttar 134911 United States brought out a startling factrepparttar 134912 30% ofrepparttar 134913 surveyed people read blogs. Also, 52% ofrepparttar 134914 surveyed people advocate equal journalistic rights and freedom forrepparttar 134915 blogs. Andrepparttar 134916 most striking fact is that 31% ofrepparttar 134917 surveyed people revealed that they found blogs to be more credible thanrepparttar 134918 newspapers.

The growing popularity of blogs can be gauzed fromrepparttar 134919 fact that Yahoo, Google, MSN, Rediff and allrepparttar 134920 other bigwigs ofrepparttar 134921 cyber world are experimenting with blogs and bloggers. Both free and paid blog hoisting sites have come up which offers a plethora of tools to make blogging a breeze.

Seven Strategies for Building a Successful Internet Business

Written by Amy Flynn

By 2004 Forrester Research, Inc. estimates that business-to-business commerce onrepparttar web will hit $2.7 trillion. It's true thatrepparttar 119123 web can be a highly profitable venture, but without careful planning, your business may flounder before it ever makes money. Following these seven steps can help you plan a cohesive strategy before you sell your first product.

Identify Your Internet Business- Ask yourself why customers would come to your web site. Is it an extension of your bricks and mortar store? Or will it be a stand-alone operation? What can you provide that no one else can? Of what value is your site to customers? Even if you don't sell online, you need to answer these questions. Customers don't always come to a web site to buy products. Sometimes they come for information. Tell them aboutrepparttar 119124 products you sell, give them your store hours and phone number, provide a map so they can find your shop. Even though you haven't sold them anything, you've given them value. Customers will come back to your site if you provide value.

Create a well designed, easy-to-use, fast, and functional web site- Your web site should have a clean, straightforward design. Customers don't like busy, cluttered web sites. A customer should be able to find a product in two mouse clicks. Any more and they feel like they're being led through a maze. Or worse, they may lose interest and leave.

Keeprepparttar 119125 graphics and text simple and small. Animation and sound files can be interesting, but don't force customers to view these items in order to buy a product.

There are many options for managing orders. The most popular way to manage orders is through shopping cart technology. The customer goes throughrepparttar 119126 site and picks items s/he wants to buy. At check out, s/he fills in billing details and purchasesrepparttar 119127 items. Building a shopping cart requires programming knowledge or a software package that can managerepparttar 119128 behindrepparttar 119129 scenes work.

Can customers pay online with a credit card? They increasingly likerepparttar 119130 convenience of this. The order is placed quickly and they receive an instant confirmation receipt. However, your store must be enabled to accept online credit card purchases. This requires both a merchant account that accepts online orders and an electronic gateway that facilitatesrepparttar 119131 transaction.

Selectrepparttar 119132 right domain name- A domain name is an extension of your store. It isrepparttar 119133 first thing people learn aboutrepparttar 119134 store, sorepparttar 119135 name should be relevant torepparttar 119136 business. If you own a store or a brand name, this should berepparttar 119137 domain name as well. Many single words have been registered as domains already. New domain names can be up to 67 characters long, so choose a combination of words that describes your store.

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