A Perfect Fathers Day Gift: Publish Dad's Story As An E-book

Written by Wayne Perkins

From Normandy to Funafuti, fromrepparttar warehouse torepparttar 108525 boardroom, fathers have been giving their lives unselfishly for their families.

The movie Peal Harbor has just come out and helps remind us that our Fathers are very special people. They will give their lives for their loved ones.

With new technological advances overrepparttar 108526 years in e-book publishing, it is now possible to publish an e-book about your Dad, and present it for repparttar 108527 world to see.

It will cost you a little time but it won't cost you any money. This gift isrepparttar 108528 perfect gift for honoring Dad.

What is an E-book? --------------------------

An e-book is simply a digital file or collection of files that, when put together and published, tells a story or may teach you a lesson or a skill.

Four major advantages of publishing this way are:

1. An e-book can be 5 pages long or 500 pages long. There is no longer a need to conform to requirements of book editors, wholesalers and distributors. You arerepparttar 108529 boss!

2. The author can add sound, photographs and even video torepparttar 108530 e-book.

3. An e-book is always a work in progress. The author can add, delete, and changerepparttar 108531 story in a matter of minutes. Your Dad's story can grow in size overrepparttar 108532 years.

4. E-books are easily distributed to relatives acrossrepparttar 108533 country and those living in other countries.

What better way to give thanks and tribute to our Dad's than to tell his story?

Every year you can add torepparttar 108534 story and create a legacy for your children and grandchildren. You can add stories daily if that is what you wish!

Isn't this better than giving him a tie or barbecue mittens?

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ------ How do I create an E--book? I am not a technical person! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -------

Here are 5 simple steps to help you make this Dad's Day, her very best.

1. Create your e-book just like you would create any document. You do not need any special formatting.

2. Save your e-book in Microsoft word as a doc. File a text file and/or html file. ( An ASCII text file isrepparttar 108535 printing that you use inrepparttar 108536 body of your e-mail. People can read it on any computer located aroundrepparttar 108537 world)

If you are using Microsoft Word, you would "save as" text or .txt.

3. Set up an account with Infopost.com. They will host your file and give you a free website page to include your description, reviews, pricing and any other information. You may also post this story to your own website if you wish.

If You Are Thinking of Publishing An eBook...May I Ask You A Few Questions First?

Written by David Hallum

When Was The Last Time You Read A Scroll?

I askedrepparttar question to make a point, because I'm feed up with people comparing ebooks to printed books. Folks, they are basicallyrepparttar 108523 same when you think about what they DO. Both printed books and ebooks hold text and pictures and are used inrepparttar 108524 distribution process, it's as simple as that. Here's something else to think about, before paper people stored their text and pictures on stones.

Withrepparttar 108525 advancements in technologies people have come from lugging around heavy stones (that were known as tablets), to carrying rolls of cloth (known as scrolls), they then advanced torepparttar 108526 lightweight wood product paper (known as books) which can be quite heavy actually in certain circumstances. The first books were done by hand, then camerepparttar 108527 printing press. And now we come torepparttar 108528 next generation of storing and distributing text and pictures (ebooks). I'm a true believer inrepparttar 108529 "KISS" (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle, as an entrepreneur that happen to be inrepparttar 108530 publishing business, I have too.

Why Do You Want To Complicate Things For Yourself?

I ask you this to answer your question about which format you should publish your ebook in. As I said above I'm an entrepreneur that happen to be inrepparttar 108531 publishing business. So let's look at it this way, what if I was inrepparttar 108532 automotive industry, what type of cars would I produce? I wouldn't, I'd makerepparttar 108533 parts for allrepparttar 108534 manufactures. Why? Because, I'd have a ready made market. So ask yourself, what market do I want to reach and what type of vehicle do repparttar 108535 vast majority of them drive (computer, or handheld device). Then make your part (ebook) to fit their vehicle.

Here's a tip, work on one vehicle (format) at a time or you could make a product like tires (PDF) that would fit on most makes and models. Then expand your product line inrepparttar 108536 future, after your first product has been branded and sent out to pasture to get fat for market.

What Do Cattle And eBooks Have In Common?

They both need to carry your name or mark on them. As a Texan, I know repparttar 108537 importance of "Branding" or "Tagging" you do it not only to mark your property, but also so that others will know your name or mark. Sure there are rustlers (hackers) out there that will attempt to alter or remove your name/mark, but if you brand your name/mark in enough people minds it will be hard for these thieves to sell your stuff. And if they can sell your stuff you can bet they will not be getting top dollar for it. Plus they will not be doing it for a long period of time because sooner or later they will get busted.

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