Written by John Di Frances

Awakening torepparttar sunshine of an early autumn day, America had no idea ofrepparttar 125581 tragic scenario about to unfold before a shocked nation. Four commercial airliners filled with everyday travelers, business executives to families with children were about to be highjacked and purposely flown into landmark buildings to kill or maim both those onboard and tens-of-thousands onrepparttar 125582 ground. Welcome torepparttar 125583 world of global terrorism, a world from which North America has been shielded, a bastion of safety and security fromrepparttar 125584 ravages of ideological terror that have long menaced many ofrepparttar 125585 developing nations and to a lesser extent, Europe.

Asrepparttar 125586 leadership ofrepparttar 125587 United States Government regroups to assess what was happened, how, by whom and why, in order to appropriately respond, U.S. corporate leaders as well, also need to respond in a very public and determined manner to this horrifying, undeclared act of war upon our nation and its economic system. When facing any enemy and particularly an unseen one, two forms of response are most critically needed. Both require a clear demonstration of corporate solidarity with our elected officials.

Initially, it is essential to assure our people, both withinrepparttar 125588 corporate environment as well asrepparttar 125589 general public, thatrepparttar 125590 leadership of corporate America will do everything necessary to cooperate withrepparttar 125591 government to minimize economic disruption. So far, 2001 has been a harbinger of ever worsening economic news. With layoffs and terminations now exceedingrepparttar 125592 one million mark, nearly everyone has either been directly affected themselves or knows someone who has. Althoughrepparttar 125593 outlook has been favorable for an economic turnaround beginning next year, supported by a return to steady if not meteoric growth, high energy costs andrepparttar 125594 continuing strong dollar have loomed as potential spoilers to recovery.

In addition to this,repparttar 125595 nation will now be faced with a decline in tourism, travel, meetings, conventions, massive insurance claims and repparttar 125596 costs of economic disruption that will naturally flow fromrepparttar 125597 losses as well asrepparttar 125598 corresponding military and civilian counter- measures that will necessarily ensue fromrepparttar 125599 terrorists' actions. All of which could offsetrepparttar 125600 positive benefits expected to be derived fromrepparttar 125601 series of interest rate cuts initiated byrepparttar 125602 Federal Reserve andrepparttar 125603 Administration's tax cut program. Whatever terrorist group orchestrated this particular round of attacks, it is clear their goal is to intimidate and demoralizerepparttar 125604 people ofrepparttar 125605 United States, realizing that if they can breakrepparttar 125606 will ofrepparttar 125607 people throughrepparttar 125608 exercise of terror, our elected officials will become unwilling to aggressively pursue foreign policiesrepparttar 125609 terrorists decry. Such tactics arerepparttar 125610 Achilles Heel of democratic governments world-wide and whyrepparttar 125611 response coming from every quarter, especially our corporate leaders, must be one of unity and repparttar 125612 unflinching determination demonstrated by England's Winston Churchill, who steadfastly refused to ever give-in to tyrants.

Moreover, corporate leaders should determine to willingly play a pivotal role in working cooperatively withrepparttar 125613 administration to assurerepparttar 125614 nation that although we have been stung several times by repparttar 125615 terrorist wasp,repparttar 125616 American free enterprise system will never bow to terrorism. Thus, business, investment andrepparttar 125617 American way of life will not only continue, but prosper while our government seeks out and destroys those responsible for these acts, as well as their supporters and accomplices, much as we helped France and England destroyrepparttar 125618 Barbery Pirates inrepparttar 125619 1800's. Meanwhile our people must be assured thatrepparttar 125620 American way of life, as we have always known it, will continue.

The positive role of American corporate leadership in this regard should not be understated. Today we cannot be sure if what we have witnessed isrepparttar 125621 full extent ofrepparttar 125622 enemy's blows or merelyrepparttar 125623 first wave with more to follow tomorrow, next week or next month. Atrepparttar 125624 outset of World War II, many expected thatrepparttar 125625 attack on Pearl Harbor would be quickly followed by a full scale invasion ofrepparttar 125626 Hawaiian Islands. Fear ofrepparttar 125627 unknown is a debilitating enemy. We cannot know if more attacks are planned and thus, fruitless speculation will do nothing more than to further unsettlerepparttar 125628 public. What is needed is for our corporate leaders, in a very public manner and with resolute commitment, to reassure our nation thatrepparttar 125629 doors of American commerce will not be shuttered by threats or acts of wanton terrorism. Apart from our government punishingrepparttar 125630 perpetrators,repparttar 125631 next best way to thumb our noses at them and all who think alike, is to revitalizerepparttar 125632 economy and thereby once more demonstrate thatrepparttar 125633 power of a free people operating within a free market system is greater thanrepparttar 125634 power of fear.

7 Ways To Capture Wisdom From Your Coach

Written by Burt Dubin

A coach is a modern-day mentor. In Greek legend, Mentor was a friend of Odysseus. As advisor, sage, and counselor he was entrusted withrepparttar education of Telemachus,repparttar 125580 son of Odysseus.

A coach is a faithful, wise, devoted advisor and teacher. A coach is a loyal resource. A coach engages experience and sagacity inrepparttar 125581 service of whoever chooses to engagerepparttar 125582 coach. You, as an expert who speaks, are very likely highly focused. You have made yourself a master of your market or your area of expertise.

Dual mastership is rare. So you very likely can benefit and move ahead even faster by having a coach. These 7 strategies help you getrepparttar 125583 most out of your connection with your coach:

1. Start by being sure you have a coach. Virtually all great performers in every field of endeavor engage a seasoned veteran, someone who knowsrepparttar 125584 game inside out, upside down, backward and forward. Letrepparttar 125585 experience and insights of your coach keep you onrepparttar 125586 high road to your objectives.

2. Trust your coach. A worthy coach has been aroundrepparttar 125587 track more than a few times. This person has your best interests at heart. Reveal your challenges, your frustrations, your roadblocks to your coach. Share your vision, your hopes, your ideal place inrepparttar 125588 sun. Then listen torepparttar 125589 words,repparttar 125590 ideas,repparttar 125591 guidance your coach sets forth before you.

3. Engagerepparttar 125592 insights of your coach. Takerepparttar 125593 actions recommended by your coach. Sometimes you won't understand why. Take these actions anyway. Look at it this way: When you drive down an Interstate Highway, you are often passed by truckers driving 18-wheelers. They roar on ahead, certain they are safe and right. How do they do that? Well, for 1 thing, they are sitting about 5 or 6 feet higher inrepparttar 125594 air than you. They can see farther ahead. And, they are in continuous radio contact with their fellow truckers for miles in both directions. They know what's going on where they are going before they get there. So will you when you act onrepparttar 125595 insights of your coach.

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