A Note On Microsoft Security

Written by Richard Lowe

I've been reading a lot of postings to various message boards, newsgroups and talkback boards on how evil Microsoft (often spelled as Micro$oft or more simply M$) is. The foam-at-the- mouth rantings afterrepparttar publication on anything even remotely related to that company are nauseatingly predictable.

The argument goes something like this: Microsoft is equated with everything evil and foul inrepparttar 132045 world. Lucifer himself is kind and gentle compared with Bill Gates, and every product ever produced by his company has at least one hidden evil intention. All of Bill's products are purposely created to producerepparttar 132046 greatest amount of harm forrepparttar 132047 most people. Bill and his entourage are planning to take overrepparttar 132048 world and destroy everything and everyone, especially any competing companies.

These postings are actually very amusing. They are often so childish, so silly that it's incredible to believe that these people are serious. Sometimes I wonder if rational minds exist behind many of these messages.

For example, an article aboutrepparttar 132049 Klez virus (which did not even mention Microsoft by name) produced some fascinating replies. One reader wrote:

"Only Windows users would put up with such a scam. Windows security is like building a house with no doors and being forced to hire a security guard to walk around your home while you're living there."

It's fascinating how people can write such uninformed drivel. Another reader had similar opinions.

"Most thanks forrepparttar 132050 viruses go to M$ and their sorry excuse for an e-mail system Exchange coupled with their new, dynamic protocol called VTP (Virus Transport protocol). Kudos to Bill for designing such an elegant virus propagation environment. Who needs enemies when you have M$?"

More silliness from an ignorant person who probably has allowed viruses to slip through his defenses.

Let's look at an analogy. Let's say you purchase a car. The car does not come with an alarm system, andrepparttar 132051 locks are of standard issue. You decline to purchase an alarm system and more advanced locks.

Now a car thief breaks into your car and steals it. Who is to blame? The car manufacturer for creating a car with simple locks and no standard alarm system? The thief for stealing your car? The city for allowing thieves? The police department for not guarding your automobile 24x7? Perhaps your child distracted you before you lockedrepparttar 132052 door - isrepparttar 132053 child responsible?

Or are you responsible because you didn't educate yourself on how to protect your valuable car? Are you responsible for not purchasing better locks and perhaps an alarm system? Is it your fault that you parked your car in a bad place in town?

ANTI-SPAM, SCAM and SPAM, What do they have in common?

Written by Mike Smith

You would be shocked. I am angry and hopefully you will be too after you read this. Anti-spam program = Scam and Spam to your Address Book.

I won't pull bones here. Lies, misrepresentation, invasion of your privacy, e-mail abuse and more. That is what they claimrepparttar SPAMMERS are doing to you. They promise to stop it. Eliminate unwanted e-mail SPAM. Yup that's what it said.

First let me apologize for any of you that got this e-mail from me. I did NOT send it and did NOT authorize it.

=================== This courtesy message is being sent to you as a contact in my address book.

It is to notify you that I have installed SPAM | BAR, an Anti Spam filter, on my incoming mail.

As long as you write to me using this particular address, your messages will come straight through to my mail in-box.

If, however, at any time you should write to me using a different e-mail address to this one,repparttar 132044 SPAM | BAR program will reply to you asking you to confirm you are a real person, and not a "Spammer".

For further information on SPAM | BAR or to obtain a courtesy copy please check out:

http://www.spambar.com/ ===================

On a recommendation of a friend, I agreed to look at this program for them. I looked at everything onrepparttar 132045 SpamBar site and e-mailed them with several questions as well as some concerns. They e-mailed back assuring me that I was wrong about their product and would be happy with it. I installed it and set it up on an account that is seldom used just in case (still not trustingrepparttar 132046 program) it did to me what another one did previously, deleted a lot of important mail.

After followingrepparttar 132047 instructions and being assured thatrepparttar 132048 program was not invasive it was time to check my e-mail. I started Outlook Express (I have 23 e-mail accounts) and went about some other things away fromrepparttar 132049 Puter while my e-mail downloaded (I normally do this because who wants to sit and watch your download screen).

When I came back torepparttar 132050 Puter it was trying to send out 758 messages. I caught it at 123 sent and stopped it. That was repparttar 132051 first part of this Anti-Spam nightmare. Again I am sorry some of you got this unauthorized message. The Damned thing had taken over Outlook Express like a VIRUS. It took over all of my accounts instead ofrepparttar 132052 one I indicated inrepparttar 132053 set-up, automatically Spawned a SPAM to my entire Address Book, blocked most of my incoming mail sending it to a folder somewhere on my hard drive, that I finally found, and was able to recover.

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