A Newbie Guide - The Absolute Truth About Internet Marketing

Written by Ade Martin

A Newbie Guide - The Absolute Truth About Internet Marketing

Helping people and giving Newbies "No Holds Barred" advice is what makes me tick. I'm no Terry Dean earning an income that allows him to buy a forest but I have been marketing online since 1998 and I know which way is up!

Here's an email, modified to be an article, that I send to Newbies asking me how they can make a Million bucks Online!!


I always love to help people but remember I will never build you up with false promises. Onrepparttar Internet you can realize just about any goal you set your heart on - if you are truly serious about running a proper business.

All you need to do is to take everything one step at a time. If you are expecting to make a few thousand dollars this month - You Won't! If you are expecting to make a Million byrepparttar 117775 end ofrepparttar 117776 year - You Won't!

Online Marketing is not difficult but, justrepparttar 117777 same as any other trade or profession, you have to learn it. More importantly, you have REALLY got to WANT to learn it fromrepparttar 117778 first step ofrepparttar 117779 ladder. This does not and will not happen overnight.

The 98% of people that fail are "Fly By Nights". Continually buying into these $5, $10 programs or whatever just because there'srepparttar 117780 promise of a quick buck. That's being selfish.

Until you learn that other people, i.e. your customers, are far more important than you will ever be, you will always remain withinrepparttar 117781 ranks ofrepparttar 117782 98% that have failed.

Use some common sense here folks. Just take a look atrepparttar 117783 proven successful people online such as Terry Dean, Yanik Silver, Richie Beneteau and more recently Frank Garon just to name a few.

Are these guys buying into five buck programs and "blasting" their Ads to $1 Safe Lists? Of course not. Why?

Simple Answer... They don't work! Not Yesterday, Not Today and Not Tomorrow - Period! Great as a hobby for earning a few bucks now and then but remember that true wealth brings with it both discipline and responsibility.

Discipline in your own life and responsibility towards your customers to provide them withrepparttar 117784 absolute best solution to their needs and/or problems.

Never forget thatrepparttar 117785 last thing you want is for your valued customer to be stuck half way down some matrix or other and you never speak to them again. Chances are that if your name is associated with a $2 program or a useless service that has been bought on your personal recommendation they will never speak to you again anyway! Bye Bye future sales!

Your reputation is everything. Why ruin it forever just to make a few bucks today? What about tomorrow? Next Week? Next Year? A satisfied customer will stay with you for life and this isrepparttar 117786 direction in which you must be heading.

Why be a street corner trader when forrepparttar 117787 same effort your personal and financial rewards could be so much greater and last so much longer?

If you are prepared to gorepparttar 117788 distance there is now a vast amount of material available to you for free but also, unfortunately, there is even more junk which is guaranteed to confuse you.

The Work-At-Home Dream: Telecommuting vs. the Home Based Business

Written by Angela Wu

Working from home isn't just a passing fad; it's a growing trend that gets stronger each year. Unfortunately, many people only have a vague notion of "working at home"; they've been flooded with "get rich quick" and "be your own boss!" ads and just don't know where to start.

There's a big difference between telecommuting - that is, working at home for an employer - and running your own home based business. Which one is right for you?

WORKING AT HOME FOR AN EMPLOYER ---------------------------------


+ You get paid a steady, guaranteed income for as long as you are employed withrepparttar company and do your job.

+ Many employers offer health care benefits. This helps to cover both you and your family's health care needs.

+ If an employer chooses to hire you, training you is part of your job. You're paid to learnrepparttar 117774 necessary skills.

+ You have a specific set of tasks and responsibilities. You know what's expected of you.

+ Most employees only have to work a certain number of hours per week. If you work more, you are generally paid overtime wages.


- Job stability depends on your employer. Layoffs are not at all uncommon.

- Competition is extremely fierce. Although you *can* find work-at-home jobs online, most of them are offered to current employees with proven track records. - You must answer to a boss or supervisor. They tell you what to do, when to do it, and often how to do it too. You may not actually haverepparttar 117775 flexibility that's assumed when you work at home -- you may still have to work 'regular' hours and be available to your coworkers and boss.

- Your income is decided for you by your employer. You are paid a certain amount to do your job, and any raises you earn are also decided by your employer.

- Employers can be very choosy; there are loads of people who want to work from home. Thus some may offer less than competitive wages, or fewer or no benefits at all.

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