A New Way to Easily Achieve Your Goals

Written by Joe Vitale

I've learned at least two things about achieving goals: There is an easy way and a hard way.

The hard way is to work night and day, stay obsessed, rarely sleep, and never give up.

Since everyone talks aboutrepparttar hard way, I want to addressrepparttar 147296 easy way. After all, why struggle if you don't have to?

I've usedrepparttar 147297 easy way to create bestselling books, lose 70 pounds in 8 months, find my ideal mate, get healthy, increase my wealth, and much more.

Obviously, it works.

Here'srepparttar 147298 formula in brief:

1. Be grateful for what you already have.

2. Playfully declare what you would like to have with positive emotion, feeling as if it is already achieved.

3. Act onrepparttar 147299 nudges and opportunities that appear.

That's it. In my latest book, "The Attractor Factor," I explain a 5-step formula for getting what you want. It's useful for those times when you don't feel grateful, or can't decide on what you want, or don't understandrepparttar 147300 concept of letting go while taking inspired action. It's also helpful when you have issues about money, or deserving, or feel in any way blocked from your goals.

Butrepparttar 147301 bottom-line for me is this: Declare what you would like with no attachment and plenty of good feeling, feel grateful for what you already have, and act on what appears. The result will berepparttar 147302 manifestation of a happy life.

Let's explore this in depth.

1. Feel grateful now.

It doesn't mater where you live or what you have. If you're reading this, you're most likely living like a king or queen compared to people in third world countries. You may even be living better than kings or queens from history, as they often lived in cold, violent, frightful times. You've got it made.

2. Choose what you want without attachment, feeling as if it is already achieved.

There's magic in saying "Id love to---(fill inrepparttar 147303 blank) but I won't die if I don't have it." Sincerepparttar 147304 world is simply energy taking form, when you declare you want something, you begin to attract it. But when you say you need something,repparttar 147305 need pushes it away. You want to select your desire, and feelrepparttar 147306 joy of already having it, without feeling any desperation. Need will push it away; Desire will attract it. If you feel as if you *already* have it, then you *will* have it.

3. Act on your opportunities and intuitions.


Written by Kim Olver

One thing in life is certain---change. Things never stayrepparttar same. If you are hoping forrepparttar 147252 status quo, then Iím afraid you will be disappointed. Just think back to how things were five years ago and you will realize that there is so very much thatís already different in a very short time.

Iím sure there are some of you who know people who refused to adapt torepparttar 147253 computer age. I still know some ďold timersĒ who want to use word processors or even typewriters instead! Imagine. What is up with that?

Well, when change comes we have several options, some of which are more adaptive than others. Letís take a look at them.

The first option is to refuse to change or adapt to any new circumstances, just likerepparttar 147254 person who still uses a word processor. These are generally people who are afraid of change. I also think that underlying that fear isrepparttar 147255 fear of being inadequate. When change requires new learning, as it often does, some people donít think they will be able to masterrepparttar 147256 new skills so it is easier to simply renouncerepparttar 147257 changes than adapt. The problem is that these arerepparttar 147258 people who are left inrepparttar 147259 dust.

The second possibility isrepparttar 147260 slow starter. These people usually start out in one ofrepparttar 147261 first two mentioned roles---either refusing to change or anxiously running around trying to figure out what to do about it. They do not like change any more thanrepparttar 147262 next person and they resist and resist until one day, they realize thatrepparttar 147263 change may actually bring benefits. Once they see that there is a payoff for them, they fairly easily dorepparttar 147264 necessary things to adapt torepparttar 147265 change.

A third possibility is what we see inrepparttar 147266 over anxious people in our midst. You know who they are. They arerepparttar 147267 ones who are always making mountains out of molehills and have a nervous energy about them whenever confronted with a novel situation. They imagine allrepparttar 147268 possible scenarios about what could occur and seem to just go around in circles. They donít adapt torepparttar 147269 change; they just worry themselves sick over it.

The final and most rewarding possibility arerepparttar 147270 people who understand that change is a part of everything. When we stop evolving, we start eroding. These people welcome change, in fact, they frequently generate it. They realize that change is what makes things happen. Change propels us forward. These people are quick to makerepparttar 147271 necessary adaptations and sufferrepparttar 147272 least fromrepparttar 147273 inevitable.

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