A New Way To Create Digital Product Fast

Written by Mark Tse

During last few months, there is a new kind of Hot product rights available for internet marketers. It is called "Private Label Rights", or "Source Code Rights".

So what is "Private Label Rights"?

Although there are small variations between products,repparttar basic requirement to define a "Private Label Rights" product is - by owningrepparttar 151183 rights, you are able to rebrandrepparttar 151184 product using your name and marketrepparttar 151185 product as YOUR OWN creation.

Actually this is not a new thing. Famous Writers hire ghostwriters to write for them. Software and Script Company hire programmers to write programs and scripts. And this time you pay someone to getrepparttar 151186 rights of using other's creation as yours, it is just similar.

Then why owning "Private Label Rights" can be profitable?

Let me compare this new rights with a very similar rights - "Resale Rights". By owning resale rights, you are able to resellrepparttar 151187 product as many as you can, and collect all money from every sale you make. However, you are not able to changerepparttar 151188 name ofrepparttar 151189 product creator, so your customers know it is not your creation, and may becomerepparttar 151190 original product creator's customers and purchase other products from him/her directly. This means you may lose profit by losing a customer and having a new competitor.

Onrepparttar 151191 other hand, by owning a "Private Label Rights" product, you arerepparttar 151192 product creator in customer's eyes. This make you more respectful and more professional. Your customers will be more likely to purchase from you.

Are Affiliates Getting Fired?

Written by Anik Singal

Copyright 2005 Kurma Group

An alarming trend seems to be catching on with popular merchants lately. The trend isrepparttar tendency for some of these companies to begin discriminating against new or inexperienced affiliates and actually FIRE them! Removing an unproductive affiliate is understandable; however, having a ridiculous screening process that only allows websites with thousands of visitors to squeeze through almost seems ridiculous. Now in defense of merchants and affiliate programs: If a program finds that one of their affiliates is using their company’s banner and link on “unethical” or completely unrelated websites, then yes, that affiliate should be dropped. However, forrepparttar 151150 everyday work-at-home man or woman hoping to make a stable income through affiliate marketing – at least give them a chance! The bottom line is that affiliate marketing is still a young, but powerful industry with MUCH room for growth. The only way we can fuel this growth is if we providerepparttar 151151 proper training torepparttar 151152 new members. If we just firerepparttar 151153 new members and userepparttar 151154 “no experience” excuse, then how are we ever going to expandrepparttar 151155 industry? We at The Affiliate Classroom have spentrepparttar 151156 last few weeks getting to know many affiliate managers and companies on a personal level and have asked them questions about this matter. My conclusion is that every affiliate should be given a chance. If “deleted” fromrepparttar 151157 system, there should be a very good reason. In some of our research, as we read some ofrepparttar 151158 terms of service, we were surprised to find some “credible” affiliate programs who were dropping affiliates if they did not earn a certain “minimum” in a given period. In my opinion, that is simply ridiculous. Here is our personal opinion and conclusion regarding this matter:

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