A New Take on Family Game Night

Written by Lisa, Eric and Adam Hendey

A New Take on Family Game Night Product Review of Madagascar Animal Trivia DVD Game by Lisa M. Hendey, Eric Hendey and Adam Hendey

Our family loves to play games together, but it can be trying at times to ensure “fairness” and a good time had by all whenrepparttar youngest member of our family, Adam, feels he’s playing at a disadvantage. Who wants to play when you’rerepparttar 149169 youngest and you think you might lose? Mom hasrepparttar 149170 same problem, owing to a competitive streak formed in early childhood.

We’ve recently discovered a new product that takes away this dilemma and ensures a fun family gaming experience. Newly released fromrepparttar 149171 folks at bEQUAL, in partnership with DreamWorks,repparttar 149172 Madagascar Animal Trivia DVD Game will be a hit with your entire family.

I recently took time to playrepparttar 149173 game with my sons, ages thirteen and ten, and can vouch forrepparttar 149174 game’s educational and entertainment value, but I thought I’d letrepparttar 149175 boys chime in and share their own opinions. To preface their remarks, I’ll say that these are some astute gamers – they’re not easily entertained by gimmicky products, and they bore easily with certain video games that are too easily mastered. We testedrepparttar 149176 game both on our home television and in our car’s rear DVD player.

Here’s whatrepparttar 149177 boys had to say aboutrepparttar 149178 Madagascar Animal Trivial DVD game:

Adam – 10 years old: “This is a family trivia game about animals and it’s played on a DVD. Its theme is Madagascar, a new computer animated movie for kids. This game, in my opinion, is great for kids, even as young as five years old. I learned lots about animals playing this game.”

Eric – 13 years old: “Madagascar is a family-oriented DVD trivia game. Its questions about animal life can entertain people of any age. One feature that makesrepparttar 149179 game more enjoyable for everyone is Dynamic Leveling. Based on how many questions you answer correctly,repparttar 149180 questions become harder or easier as you go on. The competition is fun for everyone, and anyone can win. Kids will have a great time showing their knowledge about animals withrepparttar 149181 backdrop ofrepparttar 149182 movie Madagascar.”

Baby Shower for Second Baby

Written by Randy Wilson

Having a shower for second baby used to be considered greedy and unacceptable. But now it is not only acceptable, but it is actually necessary for some families to have a baby shower for second baby. Though mom-to-be may already have a lot ofrepparttar major items from her first baby. Crib, stroller, high chair - she will need many other items.

Moms-to-be always need things like diapers and wipes, undershirts, bath accessories, and feeding supplies. Second baby showers could actually be a “sprinkle” shower. A "sprinkle" shower is where guests buy onlyrepparttar 149134 necessities rather than having a full-blown shower.

You could also consider finding out from mom-to-be what she wished she had but didn’t getrepparttar 149135 first time around. Then add those items torepparttar 149136 suggested gifts. It could also be a “Bear Necessities” theme decorated with all sorts of bears forrepparttar 149137 shower for second baby.

You could have baby showers for second baby for a caboose baby, or a baby born much later than other babies. Might be very similar to a first time baby shower. Most likely, if there are many years between babies, these parents no longer have any baby items and will be in need of all types of gifts forrepparttar 149138 second baby showers.

For moms-to-be who already have enough forrepparttar 149139 baby, you might consider having a “mom” baby shower where everyone brings a baby shower gift for mom-to-be instead of forrepparttar 149140 baby. These can be items with which she can pamper herself, or items that she may need while she is in labor.

Sometimesrepparttar 149141 mom-to-be doesn’t need anything forrepparttar 149142 baby or for herself, but she wants to have a get together with friends. For this type of party, you may want to ask guests to bring unwrapped baby gifts. You can all wrap these gifts atrepparttar 149143 party, label them, and then donate them to a charity in mom-to-be’s (or baby’s) name.

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