A New System Of E-Commerce?

Written by Terence Tan

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A MLAP, short for a multi level affiliate program, is a relatively new type of affiliate program offered by some innovative web merchants.

In addition to referral commissions for their direct sales, affiliates of MLAPs also get paid commissions when their sub-affiliates at multiple levels sell affiliate products.

Unlike MLM programs, which charge "recruitment" fees, "starter kit" fees, "product testing" fees etc, there is never any money needed to join a MLAP...Which means that there is never any money to be made by simply recruiting sub-affiliates.

The power of MLAPs lies in their ability to unlockrepparttar 102419 huge potential for increased earnings that lie inrepparttar 102420 "wasted traffic" that websites receive.

For example, out of 1000 visitors to a website, perhaps a maximum of only 5 might eventually buy any affiliate products thatrepparttar 102421 webmaster would recommend. The other 995 become "wasted" as they do not contribute in any way torepparttar 102422 affiliate's earnings.

However, many of these "wasted" visitors, would see enough value in these products to sign up as affiliates themselves and sellrepparttar 102423 products to their own contacts and web visitors.

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