A New Option for Weight Loss Surgery

Written by Michael Lewis

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------------ A New Option for Weight Loss Surgery


----- A New Option for Weight Loss Surgery

A New Option for Weight Loss Surgery

---------------------------------------- These days, Jennifer Secrist has little interest in idle activities. The 23-year-old loves to rock climb, hike, ride her mountain bike, and do almost anything that gets her outside and moving.

"I can't stand to sit around," she tells WebMD. "I have so much energy now it's amazing." Weight Loss Surgery

--------------------------------------------------- Her secret: weight loss surgery that leaves her with a smaller stomach while leaving her with smaller scars than repparttar 140166 traditional surgery. What makes Secrist's story truly amazing is that in less than two years she has lost 107 pounds, thanks to adjustable gastric banding, a surgical procedure that is commonly performed in Europe, but has only been recently approved for userepparttar 140167 U.S.

The surgery can be performed laparoscopically, which means small tools are guided by a small camera through small incisions inrepparttar 140168 abdomen. The traditional weight loss procedure inrepparttar 140169 U.S., gastric bypass, involves a large incision to surgically alterrepparttar 140170 stomach and make it smaller. The Midland, Mich. woman traveled to Sweden to get repparttar 140171 surgery, and her mom and dad later maderepparttar 140172 trip forrepparttar 140173 same reason.

Adjustable Gastric Banding

----------------------------------------- Adjustable gastric banding is far less popular here than gastric bypass surgery. Banding has been done inrepparttar 140174 U.S., yet previously required open surgery, with all its potential complications.

But two new studies findrepparttar 140175 laparoscopic approach for banding to be a safe and effective weight loss option for people who are 100 pounds or more overweight. The studies, reported inrepparttar 140176 latest issue ofrepparttar 140177 journal Annals of Surgery, found that patients who underwent gastric banding surgery lost roughly 50% of their excess body weight within two years.

The procedure involvesrepparttar 140178 implantation of a hollow silicone band placed aroundrepparttar 140179 top ofrepparttar 140180 stomach, which is adjusted to determine how much foodrepparttar 140181 stomach can hold. The adjustment is made by inflating or deflatingrepparttar 140182 band using salt water piped in trough a tube attached to a port placed underrepparttar 140183 skin nearrepparttar 140184 breastbone. Several types of bands are available in Europe, butrepparttar 140185 FDA has approved only one - repparttar 140186 Lap-Band system made byrepparttar 140187 California firm BioEnterics System.

If we are eating 99% fat free, why are we 99% fat?!

Written by Sheridan Woodcroft

Unfortunately, obesity is reaching epidemic proportions, with over 60% of our population now overweight. We need to take control of this problem NOW. There are three terms that need to be understood in order to take control of your weight - fat, fibre, and carbohydrates. Fat is fairly straight forward. Fibre is anything that grows out ofrepparttar ground… mainly fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and berries. The important thing to know about fibre is thatrepparttar 140136 acid in your stomach won’t break it down, so when you eat fibre, it fills you up faster and keeps you full longer. Finally, Carbohydrates are foods that are naturally sweet, or anything made with sugar or flour. Most people have heard that if you eat low fat or no fat foods you can lose weight. Well in reality,

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