A New Lawsuit Filed Every 3 Seconds! Protect Yourself

Written by Carrie Solberg

It's true. According to a recent survey, one out of every 2 Americans will need a lawyer's advice inrepparttar next twelve months.

Most of these people will try to handle it on their own, because they think they can't afford a lawyer. But, if you needed an operation, would you do it yourself because you couldn't afford a surgeon? Of course not. You're not qualified, and you know it. That's why people are so desperate to find affordable health insurance.

The law is just as complex as surgery, and just as dangerous. When you go into court, it isn't about right and wrong, it's about winning, and your opponent knows it.

If they have a lawyer, that lawyer will do everything legally possible to win for his/her client. Are you willing to risk your financial health? Your home, car and all your possessions plus your future paychecks? Of course not. But lawyers are expensive, good ones can cost hundreds of dollars an hour.

You just can't afford one for every little problem, can you? Yes, you can, with a legal protection plan.

Very much like health insurance, a legal protection plan offers you a court room HMO--protection from devastating legal fees, phone consultations, document review and standard will preparation by providing attorney services at an affordable monthly rate.

This group rate gives yourepparttar 119311 same protection at a fraction of what you might spend on your own, provided by a network of skilled and experienced attorneys-at-law, not students or junior associates fresh out of school.


Written by Barbara Jo Truchon

YOU HAVE A PROBLEM (And so could your business!)

Our courts are out of control. Instead of equal justice for all in many cases it seems justice goes torepparttar highest bidder,repparttar 119310 client who paysrepparttar 119311 highest legal bill. Here are three areas where many problems are found and steps to avoidrepparttar 119312 pitfalls.


Fully 50% of us will need an attorney inrepparttar 119313 next 12 months but MANY WILL NOT USE ONE DUE TO THE COST!

And being your own lawyer is not a do it yourself job.

Have you noticed that there are no "Attorney Depots"? Why? The laws are so complex that sometimes evenrepparttar 119314 lawyers can't make sense of them. And people love to sue. A NEW LAWSUIT IS FILED EVERY 3 SECONDS IN AMERICA! Even volunteers for charitable organizations have risk as volunteers!


Ever buy a home? Did you read allrepparttar 119315 fine print inrepparttar 119316 5 or 6 inch STACK of papers they presented you or did you just sign, eyes glazed over, (about 100 times). Did you comfort yourself withrepparttar 119317 good old "It's what everyone HAS to sign"? Sure, you would love an attorney present but ...oops... costs too much. Or a car loan. Who can read all this stuff? Or how about when we get fired from our job, need a contract reviewed, sign a lease or get audited? Divorce is a double threat since there isrepparttar 119318 divorce itself and often child support or a property settlement. The list keeps going.

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