A New Holistic Treatment Protocol For Herpes And Cold Sores

Written by Christopher Ricardo Scipio

Part One:

800,000 people or more will contract Genital and Oral Herpes (Herpes 1 and 2) this year in North America alone. It's estimated that 60% ofrepparttar population has Herpes. A majority ofrepparttar 149236 people withrepparttar 149237 disease are unaware that they carryrepparttar 149238 virus- making them much more likely to pass it on to others. With so many people affected by this epidemic, it's a wonder that Herpes doesn't get more media attention. It's been labeled an incurable disease which left untreated can have serious consequences such asrepparttar 149239 death of a infant born to a mother having an outbreak during delivery and vastly increasing one's chances of getting AIDS and other opportunistic infections.

The sad fact is that there's still a pervasive wall of shame and silence over this disease. People are much more likely to publicly declare their HIV positive status than admit to having Herpes. There are numerous charities and foundations with their high-profile celebrity spokespersons leadingrepparttar 149240 very public campaign of AIDS awareness and research. There's an ever increasing amount of sympathy and support for AIDS victims fromrepparttar 149241 general public. But I challenge you to name a public spokesperson for Herpes? Better yet, can anyone even name one single Herpes charity? I'm sure they exist, but their public profiles are next to nonexistent. Have you ever seen a telethon to raise money for Herpes research? It's inconceivable to me why Herpes is treated as such a "dirty" disease. Is itrepparttar 149242 modern leprosy? I have worked with many Herpes sufferers who do not tell their lovers of their status for fear of being rejected. I'm not sure whatrepparttar 149243 answer would be to gaining more support and sympathy forrepparttar 149244 sufferers of Herpes, but it's something we could all work on. The Acyclovir family of drugs-including Valtrex and Famvir, has beenrepparttar 149245 long standing therapy prescribed by doctors forrepparttar 149246 treatment of Herpes 1 and 2. Althoughrepparttar 149247 drug has proven itself to be somewhat effective inrepparttar 149248 reduction ofrepparttar 149249 duration and severity of outbreaks when used topically and inrepparttar 149250 suppression of some outbreaks when taken orally, this effectiveness can come with a steep price.

Acyclovir does not cure Herpes, and must be taken indefinitely. Like many other drugs there are serious possible side-effects, including kidney dysfunction, toxicity inrepparttar 149251 nervous system, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea seizures, confusion and tremors, severe headaches. Beyond these perhapsrepparttar 149252 biggest problem with taking these drugs for Herpes isrepparttar 149253 creation of drug-resistant strains ofrepparttar 149254 virus that will make treating people inrepparttar 149255 future much more difficult. I have been using natural remedies to help people suffering with Herpes for fourteen years now. One ofrepparttar 149256 principle natural tools used in controlling Herpes has been L-lysine-an amino acid that has been proven to reducerepparttar 149257 frequency of outbreak in some people. Unfortunately L-lysine has now been shown to have it's own serious side-effect. Since it's main action is to inhibit arginine inrepparttar 149258 cellular environment,repparttar 149259 long term effect of taking L-lysine isrepparttar 149260 lowering ofrepparttar 149261 body's immune function. Which is a less than a desirable outcome.

Part Two:

A Comprehensive Programme for Managing Herpes Safely and Effectively

Fifteen years ago I contracted Herpes myself inrepparttar 149262 context of a monogamous relationship. Being open-minded and desperate I tried drug therapy and immediately got migraine headaches forrepparttar 149263 first time in my life. It was clear that I had to find a natural way of managingrepparttar 149264 disease for myself since I was going to have it forrepparttar 149265 rest of my life and I needed a way of being able to resume my sex life withoutrepparttar 149266 dread ofrepparttar 149267 likelihood of passing it on to others. Inrepparttar 149268 next two years I tried every natural therapy available atrepparttar 149269 time. Frustrated fromrepparttar 149270 lack of consistent and lasting results from most ofrepparttar 149271 touted natural remedies for Herpes I started developing my own treatment programme based on my families multi-generational background as herbalists.

What I found through my experience is that Herpes needs to be addressed on many levels- obviously nutrition and lifestyle changes/adjustments but that alsorepparttar 149272 deep shame and many psychological effects ofrepparttar 149273 disease are equally if not more important to treat than outbreaks. Herpes also can change quite significantly duringrepparttar 149274 course of someone's history withrepparttar 149275 disease so any protocol would have to be flexible enough to deal withrepparttar 149276 evolutionary nature ofrepparttar 149277 presenting symptoms.

A Natural Bodybuilding Dó (way of life).

Written by Kevin Doberstein CFT

Inrepparttar discipline of tae kwon do,repparttar 149183 Korean martial art known for it’s powerful kicks, tae means to trample or foot, kwon means fist, and do means way. In its simplest form it isrepparttar 149184 way ofrepparttar 149185 hand and foot. Natural Bodybuilding is similar to this martial art in its regards to discipline, perseverance, and inner strength. These arerepparttar 149186 three ofrepparttar 149187 tenets of tae kwon do to achieve success. Miss one ofrepparttar 149188 three characteristics and chances are you will not achieve a successful natural bodybuilding lifestyle. Worst yet, you will not receiverepparttar 149189 benefits that this “way of life” can bring.

Learning a new way to eat is one ofrepparttar 149190 prerequisites needed for success. You will develop a nutritional habit to provide fuel for demanding workouts and bodybuilding, also protein to rebuild muscle fiber. You will learn of ways to increase your nutritional energy. An example would be to introduce flaxseed to your diet by adding it to salads, vegetables and your morning oatmeal. Flaxseed is naturally high in Omega-3 oil, which is an excellent long enduring energy source. Discipline will be needed to reinforce this prerequisite. To avoid junk food that is high in fat and refined sugar can be very challenging, especially with it being so prevalent in today’s modern society.

To “bring out”repparttar 149191 muscularity that you will have developed, you will need to do cardiovascular training. The bodybuilding jargon for this transformation is “cutting up” or “ripping”. This type of training not only helps burn offrepparttar 149192 muscle blurring fat but also increase energy by developingrepparttar 149193 lungs to process faster. It will also help you recover faster from a muscle building workout by forcing additional blood to move throughout your body by way ofrepparttar 149194 circulatory system. This fresh blood will carry outrepparttar 149195 residuals in your muscles that remain from training. Perseverance is needed to pursue cardiovascular training for most individuals. Getting out of a warm bed inrepparttar 149196 early morning to go running can be quite tough even forrepparttar 149197 most dedicated.

The one item that hasn’t been covered as of yet is muscle building or bodybuilding. It is a game of mind over matter. Inner Strength will become a major player in this part ofrepparttar 149198 equation. To endurerepparttar 149199 lactic acid build-up that occurs when going deep intorepparttar 149200 “pump” can be quite overbearing and yet atrepparttar 149201 same time exhilarating. Because there are so many different muscle-building theories out there it can be quite overwhelming trying to decide what to believe. This decision can be difficult even for a veteran bodybuilder. A lifter must develop a skeptical outlook at different programs and judge ifrepparttar 149202 training programs are worthwhile.

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