A New DVD Format War

Written by Roger Faraway

Just when you thought it was safe to buy a nice new all-singing all dancing DVD player/recorder, along comes a new format war to add to an already confusing marketplace.

Oncerepparttar original DVD standard settled down, DVD players quickly became one ofrepparttar 133448 most successful consumer items of all time. The new format revitalisedrepparttar 133449 home entertainment market, and hardware manufacturers benefited both directly and indirectly, as enthusiasts clamoured to buy bigger and better televisions and sound equipment to getrepparttar 133450 best from their new DVD players.

Then came recordable DVD, butrepparttar 133451 problem, as is so oftenrepparttar 133452 case, was that there were a number of different recording standards, all of them incompatible. It was just like Betamax versus VHS all over again. Now low-cost multi-format recorders supporting allrepparttar 133453 standards are hittingrepparttar 133454 streets,repparttar 133455 recording problem is becoming less of an issue, and so one could be forgiven for thinking that’srepparttar 133456 end ofrepparttar 133457 format wars.

But technology has a habit of advancing at a relentless pace, and now a new battle is set to commence. The hi-tech companies are fighting it out to establishrepparttar 133458 standard for next-generation “high capacity” DVDs. Higher capacities will allow for even better picture and sound quality thanrepparttar 133459 existing standard, and will become more popular as high definition televisions really start to take off.


NextWest NextMobility Delivers PBX Extension Features to Remote Cell Phones Anywhere

Written by NextWest Phone Systems

New Architecture extends NextWest PCXi PBX remote extension capability to cell phones as well as standard home phones.

NextWest, Inc.,repparttar leading provider of IP-based business telecommunications and contact center systems for small to midsize enterprises, today introduced an innovative mobility solution to its PCXi IP-based PBX capabilities. Combiningrepparttar 133447 capabilities ofrepparttar 133448 PCXi PBX andrepparttar 133449 NextIPS server NextWest is able to deploy full PBX extension functionality to cell phone and home phone users anywhere inrepparttar 133450 world. Because a NextWest cell phone user isrepparttar 133451 same as a regular extension user you can now be reached through one number anytime, anywhere inrepparttar 133452 world.

To achieve this innovative mobility functionality,repparttar 133453 PCXi system is interfaced to a NextIPS server via 23 or 30 channel cable interfaces. The NextIPS server is then connected torepparttar 133454 Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Remote cell and home phone users when out ofrepparttar 133455 office or working at home can dial access numbers onrepparttar 133456 NextIPS server and login in as remote extension users. After logging in with secure methodsrepparttar 133457 remote cell phone and home phones then have allrepparttar 133458 same capability of local extension users. Remote extension users can also be contact center agents and be monitored and operate exactly as if they were agents onrepparttar 133459 primary site. This capability allows even standard analog phone users, without needing to install expensive IP phones, to operate as if they were part ofrepparttar 133460 local PBX community.

With NextMobility as well asrepparttar 133461 previous abilities of “Follow Me” NextWest users can now be reached instantly. Customers can receiverepparttar 133462 attention and support they want and need today, not tomorrow. If for some reason you are not available on your cell calls will followrepparttar 133463 normal PBX coverage options that you have set viarepparttar 133464 NextWest PCXi software-based user console. “Follow Me” can be used in conjunction withrepparttar 133465 extension cell to ensure you will be reached.

“We make it possible for enterprises to affordably integrate remote users as if they were onrepparttar 133466 same site asrepparttar 133467 PBX or contact center. This is a very affordable and more flexible mobility solution than any other vendor can currently provide for cell phone and work-at-home users,” said Richard De Soto, NextWest Chief Marketing and Sales Officer. “NextMobility can even be combined with NextContact, providing full contact center agent functionality if agents need to work from home. The business possibilities are endless in today’s mobile world. We can of course also support remote IP phone users when a remote worker is located in a branch office or home office situation. Highly mobile workers can now remain in contact with their customers- without having to leave a trail of phone numbers where they “may” be reached. Regardless of geography, number of employees, or number of locations, NextWest adapts torepparttar 133468 way your business operates.”

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