A Natural Bodybuilding Dó (way of life).

Written by Kevin Doberstein CFT

Inrepparttar discipline of tae kwon do,repparttar 149183 Korean martial art known for it’s powerful kicks, tae means to trample or foot, kwon means fist, and do means way. In its simplest form it isrepparttar 149184 way ofrepparttar 149185 hand and foot. Natural Bodybuilding is similar to this martial art in its regards to discipline, perseverance, and inner strength. These arerepparttar 149186 three ofrepparttar 149187 tenets of tae kwon do to achieve success. Miss one ofrepparttar 149188 three characteristics and chances are you will not achieve a successful natural bodybuilding lifestyle. Worst yet, you will not receiverepparttar 149189 benefits that this “way of life” can bring.

Learning a new way to eat is one ofrepparttar 149190 prerequisites needed for success. You will develop a nutritional habit to provide fuel for demanding workouts and bodybuilding, also protein to rebuild muscle fiber. You will learn of ways to increase your nutritional energy. An example would be to introduce flaxseed to your diet by adding it to salads, vegetables and your morning oatmeal. Flaxseed is naturally high in Omega-3 oil, which is an excellent long enduring energy source. Discipline will be needed to reinforce this prerequisite. To avoid junk food that is high in fat and refined sugar can be very challenging, especially with it being so prevalent in today’s modern society.

To “bring out”repparttar 149191 muscularity that you will have developed, you will need to do cardiovascular training. The bodybuilding jargon for this transformation is “cutting up” or “ripping”. This type of training not only helps burn offrepparttar 149192 muscle blurring fat but also increase energy by developingrepparttar 149193 lungs to process faster. It will also help you recover faster from a muscle building workout by forcing additional blood to move throughout your body by way ofrepparttar 149194 circulatory system. This fresh blood will carry outrepparttar 149195 residuals in your muscles that remain from training. Perseverance is needed to pursue cardiovascular training for most individuals. Getting out of a warm bed inrepparttar 149196 early morning to go running can be quite tough even forrepparttar 149197 most dedicated.

The one item that hasn’t been covered as of yet is muscle building or bodybuilding. It is a game of mind over matter. Inner Strength will become a major player in this part ofrepparttar 149198 equation. To endurerepparttar 149199 lactic acid build-up that occurs when going deep intorepparttar 149200 “pump” can be quite overbearing and yet atrepparttar 149201 same time exhilarating. Because there are so many different muscle-building theories out there it can be quite overwhelming trying to decide what to believe. This decision can be difficult even for a veteran bodybuilder. A lifter must develop a skeptical outlook at different programs and judge ifrepparttar 149202 training programs are worthwhile.

Exercising - How do you sustain momentum!

Written by Greg Ryan

The number one reason people say they do not exercise is lack of time. Not long ago, a twenty-year study was completed centering onrepparttar theory that, “There is not as much time inrepparttar 149104 day as there used to be.” The study concluded that justrepparttar 149105 opposite was true. It showed that with allrepparttar 149106 technology today, we have 1.5 more hours in a day than we did twenty years ago. In other words, with allrepparttar 149107 gadgets out there to help us communicate and manage our time, we should have an hour and a half more time for ourselves. What isrepparttar 149108 solution? With a little prioritizing and some time management, we can findrepparttar 149109 time to exercise! TIME FRAMES

As you get closer to reaching your goal, start thinking in back of your mind ofrepparttar 149110 next goal. You need to establish your next focus point to keep you on track. However, make sure you are convinced that you will reachrepparttar 149111 present goal inrepparttar 149112 established time period.

Setting time frames for your daily workouts is a great motivator. It keeps you focused, you feel more productive, and inrepparttar 149113 end workouts do not feel like a big effort.

One ofrepparttar 149114 smartest things I have ever decided to do in my career was to put a time frame on how long my workouts would be. Your workouts can feel like a job if they take a lot of time.

Knowing that I had to be finished within a certain time period encouraged me to focus on what I needed to do. This also created more intensity or effort in my workouts and I achieved better results. Time frames also helped in not letting workouts get boring. I looked forward torepparttar 149115 next workout knowing how little time it was going to take.

CONSISTENCY + VARIETY+ EFFICIENCY= RESULTS, allrepparttar 149116 time!

We all have different methods of motivating ourselves. Most of us set goals to us give a sense of urgency. When setting goals, two mistakes should be avoided.


In some circumstances,repparttar 149117 demands of life do not permit accomplishments of lofty goals. In most cases, time management solves this problem. However, you need to be realistic. Expectations can be set so high and when responsibilities do not allow you to get there, frustration can be paralyzing. This does not give you a reason to forget setting high goals; you just don’t want to set yourself up for failure.

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