A Look at Laser Acne Treatment

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Laser acne treatment has been around for a few years now, and it is quickly replacing more traditional forms of acne removal and prevention. As antibiotics become increasingly ineffective due to overuse, more and more people are opting for this new technique. During laser resurfacing, a doctor holds a laser pen just aboverepparttar acne or acne scar tissue and wavesrepparttar 149305 concentrated beam of light back and forth, vaporizing onlyrepparttar 149306 unwanted tissue and creating a new surface for skin cell growth. Thusrepparttar 149307 term “laser resurfacing”. New collagen actually forms after laser treatment. (Collagen is a protein inrepparttar 149308 skin's connective tissue that helps giverepparttar 149309 skin its texture.)

Although laser resurfacing is safe and painless in almost all cases, some post-procedural bruising and swelling are normal. In most cases, these side effects persist for seven to ten days. Wait until this passes before applying make-up.

Currently there are no federal restrictions on who can perform laser resurfacing; regulations only affectrepparttar 149310 laser manufacturers themselves. There are many types of lasers for many different purposes, so be sure to use a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Be sure to ask where your doctor was trained to userepparttar 149311 laser equipment and whether your doctor rents or owns his or her laser equipment. Ask to see before and after pictures ofrepparttar 149312 doctor's cases, and find out how many different types of lasersrepparttar 149313 doctor owns and how often each piece of equipment is used.

Acid Reflux and Your Diet

Written by Dave Lavinsky

There is an undeniable connection betweenrepparttar occurrence of acid reflux and diet. Everything in your body has a delicate balance. The human body is a miracle of systems that maintains justrepparttar 149304 right conditions to keep everything running smoothly. Therefore it’srepparttar 149305 healthiest when there is an acidic balance or equilibrium. The stomach regulates acidic digestion with enzymes that convert acids into manageable alkaline or basal substances. However, when there is an over-production of acid, usually helped along by lifestyle choices like overeating or smoking, acid reflux is likely to occur, and if it goes unregulated, acid reflux disease can develop.

Fortunately, acid reflux and diet can be effectively improved by launching a few lifestyle changes. One ofrepparttar 149306 most important things you can do to cool heartburn down is to avoid certain foods. In many cases, just changingrepparttar 149307 diet is all that is necessary to control acid reflux. Most health care professionals recommend a low-acid diet consisting of more alkaline or basal foods. Foods such as chocolate, foods with a lot of extra cheese, tomato sauce or catsup based foods, onions, chilies, caffeinated beverages, fatty or fried foods, alcohol, mint, and citrus fruits have been known to aggravate digestion, acting as catalysts for acid reflux.

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