A Little About Comic Book Storage Bags

Written by AAA-Collectables

We store comics to keep them valuable. Air pollution, ultra violet light, dirt and oil from fingers as well as rough handling all contribute torepparttar deterioration of a comic. Storing a comic book properly is essential to keeping it valuable. There are 3 major storage components to proper comic storage. They are comic bags, comic backing boards, comic boxes.

Putting your comic in a properly sized comic book bag not only keeps dust, dirt and finger oils offrepparttar 150090 comic book surface, but helps prevent scuffing which can bring downrepparttar 150091 value of a comic book considerably. The three most popular comic bag materials are polyethylene, polypropylene and Mylar. New Comic Bags, Regular Comic Bags, Dell & Silver Age Comic Bags and Golden Age Comic Bags as well as Treasury Comic Bags all are available in all three of these materials. All three materials are considered to be ARCHIVAL - Meaning that there is nothing inrepparttar 150092 composition ofrepparttar 150093 material that can contribute torepparttar 150094 breakdown or destruction ofrepparttar 150095 comic book being stored in it.

Cool comic book-like effect in Photoshop

Written by Rick Blythe

comic book Photoshop effect Cool comic book-like effect in Photoshop
Here is a cool Photoshop effect I kind of stumbled upon while experimenting with someone else's effect. This could easily be made into a Photoshop action too.

Openrepparttar photo you want to use in Photoshop. Openrepparttar 149823 layer palette and make two copies ofrepparttar 149824 photo. Click onrepparttar 149825 top layer and changerepparttar 149826 blend mode to difference. Then click on Filters>Blur>Gaussian Blur at Radius 9.0 Then go to Layer>Merge Down.

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