A Letter To Ezine Publishers: With Gratitude

Written by Jo McNamara

Dear Publishers:

I am writing this letter to thank you for allrepparttar hard work and dedication you give to your ezine and to us, your subscribers.

I consider ezines a treasure trove of free, beneficial information. It is fromrepparttar 124302 articles you offer me that I get most of my valuable "how to" information. You must be psychic because you seem to understand exactly what I need to know to cut throughrepparttar 124303 confusion in this fascinating medium called "Internet Marketing."

Some of you donít have many "how to" articles, but instead concentrate on trying to inspire me. You seem to work very hard to make sure I haverepparttar 124304 right Mental Marketing Mindset. I love your ezine just as much. Athletes must exercise their bodies, butrepparttar 124305 very best of them also work on havingrepparttar 124306 right attitude to win. The articles you write andrepparttar 124307 ones you select have helped to form and shape my attitude so that I can become a winner inrepparttar 124308 marketing game. Itís no coincidence that I feel more like a winner in life as well.

I want to thank you for offering merepparttar 124309 opportunity to place a free ad in your ezine every week. You donít have to do this. I particularly like those of you who make me REALLY work on my headlines by only allowing a 2-line ad.

Some of you donít offer free ads and thatís okay. Becauserepparttar 124310 content in your newsletter is so good, I just enjoy reading and learning from what you have to offer.

Now...there are some of you who really took to heartrepparttar 124311 notion that if you publish an ezine you can make a fortune promoting all of your affiliate programs. And it seems thatís all you display in your ezine. You donít offer me solid content; you donít give merepparttar 124312 tools I need to learn and grow as a Net marketer. Your ezine feels greedy to me. But Iím not worried about you because I no longer subscribe to your publication.

And...some of you publish an electronic billboard. It seems like your ezine consists of nothing but ads from subscribers. I donít mind if you publish a regular issue with articles and then a separate one with just ads. I enjoy studying and analyzingrepparttar 124313 issue with ads. What Iím talking about isrepparttar 124314 fact that your ezine starts with YOUR affiliate programs. Inrepparttar 124315 middle, an article Iíve already read in 15 other ezines weeks ago and 25-50 free subscriber ads. They are crowded together like cattle being herded to market. But Iím not worried about you because I no longer subscribe to your publication.


Written by Bob McElwain

Think back torepparttar last really great novel or mystery yarn you read. Back to one that really impressed you. One that so grabbed your attention, you are looking forward torepparttar 124301 next book byrepparttar 124302 same author. If you don't read much, think of a film that jolted you.

How Much Impact Can A Great Story Have?

While such experiences matter a great deal to those who enjoy stories, they don't matter much inrepparttar 124303 longer scheme of things.

How often do you think of that terrific book or film? The characters in it? A happening reported within it?

For most,repparttar 124304 answer is, "Not often." And then only fleetingly. You may think of it briefly in relationship to something you encounter today. Something you read or hear. A thought or two may come to you while having your morning coffee. But it does not happen often. Once a week? Twice? Maybe only once a month?

Why? Because you have a life to live and are busy getting it done. That book or film, no matter how great, is but one part of it. And it has no meaning at all when faced with serious challenges, as when your job performance is in question.

What Impact Do You Have On Your Subscribers?

The short answer is, "Not much." Can you expect to haverepparttar 124305 impact of a great novel or film onrepparttar 124306 readers of your newsletter or website? Not likely.

If this is so, how often do you think your readers will think of you? Or your site? The answer here is easy: Not often, and only fleetingly.

So Why Bother Doing All That Work?

I get flyers from a True Value hardware store in town. I never look at them, but in a glance I remember Larry,repparttar 124307 owner, and Bill, his second in command, who have been so helpful to me overrepparttar 124308 years, and stand ready to assist me again.

That'srepparttar 124309 most you can hope from your newsletter. That folks will remember you and your site. And that you remain willing to help.

How Many Subscribers Read Your Newsletter?

Not nearly as many as some webmasters believe. Here's my read on this. There's no data I'm aware of to back me up. It's all just guesstimating. Based upon experience, that's so. But certainly not to be taken as fact.

Somthing over half your subscribers delete your newsletter in every mailing without even opening it.

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