A Lesson In Entrepreneurship From J. Paul Getty

Written by John Colanzi

What comes to mind when you hearrepparttar name J. Paul Getty?

I'm sure if you're like most of us you think of big oil money. You've probably also heard various stories and anecdotes aboutrepparttar 117945 man and his life.

If you thought about it a little farther, you'd probably visualize a no nonsense, nose torepparttar 117946 grind stone business man.

Well you'd be right, but there would be more torepparttar 117947 picture than meetsrepparttar 117948 eye.

J. Paul did what he did because he loved what he was doing. In his book "The Millionaires Secret Of Getting Rich," he wrote that he considered wealth a by product of his efforts.

He lovedrepparttar 117949 game. He didn't consider what he did as work.

Do you love what you are doing?

I do. I wake up every morning and check my email. Whether it's a new subscriber notice, a sale, a publisher using one of my articles or feedback from one of my readers, I get a rush.

5 Keys to Starting Your Own Internet Enterprise

Written by Joel Christopher

Six months ago, I was asked byrepparttar moderator of a discussion group with a large membership to share some words of wisdom on how I got started online. She wanted me to share them withrepparttar 117944 group's eZine with 20,000 subscribers.

It gave me a chance to reflect on my experience in developing and starting my own Internet Business and Web Site. It took me almost 7 months of study and research to formulate my business plan and implementrepparttar 117945 business model so I have a lot to share.I thought it would be appropriate to share it in this eZine. After all, it is dedicated to helping beginner Internet entrepreneurs get started with an online business - and sooner or later, be their own boss!

I asked myself: "If I can boil down what I've learned inrepparttar 117946 last 7 months, what lessons have I learned as keys to starting my own Internet venture?" Here's arerepparttar 117947 5 KEY ANSWERS I came up with.

1. Discover and Seek Your PASSION

I found that this isrepparttar 117948 first and most important key. Your passion isrepparttar 117949 wellspring from which your energy and enthu- siasm comes from. If you love what you do and do what you love then you're doing what I call "pure joy of work". It's not even "work" anymore, it becomes a way of life - it's what repparttar 117950 author and speaker Jim Rohn calls "The Art ofLiving".

Some of you might have heard or even readrepparttar 117951 book "Do what you Love.The Money will Follow". I agree with that statement. You have to be passionate about what you do.People will notice your passion (or lack of it) in your business or chosen endeavor. Once people discern this passion, they will follow you and they will buy your ideas, goods and services.

I've known for a while that I'm passionate about being my own boss, being self-employed.I have been an employee, an employer and self-employed. Nothing beats self-employment, in my own opinion. It hits you like a "bug" when you "catch" it -repparttar 117952 BYOB (Be Your Own Boss) Bug. I am also passionate about know- ledge and learning especially withrepparttar 117953 Internet making it even easier to access any information anywhere inrepparttar 117954 world. Having discovered this early on, I started a web site devoted to helping people learn how to become their own boss --- using repparttar 117955 most powerful means of communication known to humanity The Internet.

Thus, http://www.SuccessAccess.com "The Newbie Netpreneur's FIRST ACCESS to Net Success" was born.

2. Gain KNOWLEDGE and Be a STUDENT ofrepparttar 117956 Net

In any trade or profession, you must gainrepparttar 117957 knowledge to achieve a certain level of competence. To become an expert in your chosen profession, more knowledge and experience are required.Treat your Internet Business as a Professional Career whether you're doing it part-time or full-time. For you to become a professional, you have to be a student of your chosen profession first.

Learn everything you can about your product & services, your target market andrepparttar 117958 Internet as a whole. Be a perpetual student who continually learns and incessantly applies what you have learned alongrepparttar 117959 way. I call it "kinesthetic learning" - Learning by Doing. Keep acquiring, keep applying and keep testing your knowledge. Turn knowledge into informa- tion....then turn information into communication. The best place to do this isrepparttar 117960 Internet.

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