A Landing Page is Not an Order Page (and why it matters)

Written by Leon Altman

To explain my point I need to first confuserepparttar issue a bit (you’ll see why): While a landing page is not an order page, it can, and in many cases should, containrepparttar 147607 order form.

So what isrepparttar 147608 difference? Is this just a question of semantics? Actually, there is a big difference and it can have a big effect on your conversion rate. Generally,repparttar 147609 order page is another page on your website. As such, it will have links to other parts of your site. Since someone who comes torepparttar 147610 order or signup page often comes from other parts of your site, and has looked at descriptions of your products and service, you can assume they are ready to buy or sign up. When that isrepparttar 147611 case, there is little need to go into much sell, if any, before getting torepparttar 147612 form prospects need to fill out.

Prospects who come to your site after seeing your marketing communications, online or offline, are in a different mindset. Generally, they are not prepared to buy or sign up yet. They need a landing page that includes some sell before seeingrepparttar 147613 order form. Confronting this prospect withrepparttar 147614 order form or signup form too early, before they feel prepared, can seem presumptuous and you can easily lose this prospect.

How much sell is needed depends onrepparttar 147615 communications prospects came from. A short ad or text link dictates longer sell than a lengthy article or direct mail letter. Another factor in how much sell/information copy is needed before asking forrepparttar 147616 order isrepparttar 147617 complexity of your product orrepparttar 147618 offer.

Sayrepparttar 147619 prospect came from a longer marketing communications piece, either an article or a direct mail letter. While this prospect has more information thanrepparttar 147620 one who comes from a short ad, there still needs to be some sell, even if it is to just quickly reiteraterepparttar 147621 benefits and makerepparttar 147622 prospect feel smart for coming torepparttar 147623 landing page and taking advantage of your offer.

How to Connect Features and Values

Written by Robert F. Abbott

"Buy this magazine or we'll shootrepparttar dog," went a memorable cover forrepparttar 147561 satire magazine National Lampoon many years ago. Onrepparttar 147562 cover, along withrepparttar 147563 threat, wasrepparttar 147564 picture of an attractive dog with large sad eyes - and a pistol pointed at its head!

Want a powerful way to make sure your message leaves an impression onrepparttar 147565 people who receive it?

Talk aboutrepparttar 147566 consequences that will occur as a result of following or not following your advice. That could be a carrot (good things will happen) or a stick (bad things will happen), depending onrepparttar 147567 situation.

Consequences arerepparttar 147568 outcome of a cause and effect sequence. If you do one thing, another thing will happen. Buyrepparttar 147569 magazine andrepparttar 147570 dog will be saved. Buyingrepparttar 147571 magazine isrepparttar 147572 cause, and a reprieve forrepparttar 147573 dog isrepparttar 147574 effect.

There are several types of consequences, and we can leverage our communication strength by knowing and understandingrepparttar 147575 different types.

Functional consequences refers to physical results. Use this shampoo and your hair will look beautiful. Buy this car and you'll get more miles per gallon.

Psychological consequences refer to intangible results, but still have a powerful effect. Consider life insurance: if you buy it you will never get a benefit from it, but your family will, and that gives you peace of mind.

Social consequences arerepparttar 147576 third type, and refer to your standing with your peers or important others. Buy this wine and your friends will think you're a person of discerning taste and style.

Why are consequences important? In addition torepparttar 147577 obvious, consequences help us understandrepparttar 147578 connection betweenrepparttar 147579 features of a product or service andrepparttar 147580 values that are (or are not) satisfied by using or consuming it.

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