Written by Nancy O. Johnson

I am a web designer, and an internet junkie and I have a few pet peeves that need purging...

TIPS FOR YOUR WEB SITE If you are a "real" company with "real" products and "real" people, please put your address and phone number on your site (usually on a contact page is best). Afterall, you put your address and phone number in your city's phone book don't you? You put this information on your business card too, don't you? Think of your cyber presencerepparttar same way you do with your earth presence. Most people will be more comfortable ordering from a company that doesn't appear to be hiding behindrepparttar 134726 anonymity ofrepparttar 134727 internet. An address may not be as important as a phone number as some businesses are home businesses and safety concerns may be an issue.

Please let your visitors know right up front - before they fill out forms - that your offer is good only inrepparttar 134728 USA (or wherever). As well, let your visitors know what currency your prices are in. This is especially important to Canadian visitors who are burdened withrepparttar 134729 "dollar that isn't worth a dollar". And speaking of forms.... please check them to make sure they work properly. Make sure you have enough characters allotted to all fields so thatrepparttar 134730 user can correctly input a postal code or zip code, province or state etc. - And, if I spend a lot of time filling out your form, I expectrepparttar 134731 SUBMIT button to work! If you are using java for your forms, please check that it is compatible for both Netscape and Explorer.

TIPS ON EMAIL I get letters allrepparttar 134732 time from people claiming to have visited my web site, and then they go on to say that they have a great offer that is a perfect fit with my site.... Hmmmm... I don't think my dog Harpo (who has his own email address) is really interested in selling Golf Clubs!! I have about 50 email addresses andrepparttar 134733 "harvesters" have a picnic when they get to my site! So my DELETE key gets a vigorous workout! And please - this is a MUST - have an easy REMOVAL system in place. Asking me to call a long distance number is not appropriate. Instead, have a special email address for removals. If you are not sending SPAM you won't be overwhelmed with removals... and if you are sending SPAM, then you deserve to have your mailbox filled torepparttar 134734 brim!

10 Shocking Secrets Nobody Will Ever Tell You About Having a Successful Business Web Site

Written by Milana Nastetskaya

There are many web designers who are honest and will tell you exactly what you need to do to have a successful web site. Yet, there are others who want to create some fancy gadgets on your site, charge you a fortune, and completely rip you off... while you are watching your money go downrepparttar drain.

The truth is you DON'T need a web designer to develop a site for your small business. If you have some computer skills and a little bit of time to devote to your web site, you can make it yourself and spend as little as $6.00 a month on it!

Here is a list of facts that you should be aware of before you pay your hard earned money to a web designer:

1. "Build it and they will come" theory is just a myth when it comes to online business. Nobody will come to your web site unless they are already familiar with your company or their friend has told them about your site.

2. "Pay a lot of money to your web designer to create a fancy web site with allrepparttar 134725 bells and whistles and your sales will skyrocket overnight". This is another myth that many web design agencies are using to impress you with their skills and get you to buy their services. The fact is, most small businesses who are making money onrepparttar 134726 Web have a simple web site with a good sales letter. No need to pay top dollars for technical gadgets.

3. "Get a web site for your business and make $5,000 within a month". Nothing can be further fromrepparttar 134727 truth. In fact, many businesses don't see any profit for 4-6 months! It takes time and a good marketing strategy to start getting sales.

4. "Sell just one product on your web site and make a lot of money on it" is not how successful business owners make profit online. They first attract their visitors with a free or very low-price item, generate a customer list of e-mail addresses and contact them over and over again with special offers and sales letters about a high-end product.

5. "Online marketing does not take any time at all because there are a lot of people out there surfing, who might stumble across your site and order from you". This myth was created especially for you - a busy business person who can't takerepparttar 134728 time to promoterepparttar 134729 web site on a weekly basis. Success takes time. The good thing about it is that it is so rewarding that you can't afford not to do that!

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