Written by Bob Osgoodby

No we're not talking aboutrepparttar Broadway Play, a hotel in Paris, or evenrepparttar 127509 British Comedy Group. We are talking about a simple four step formula which will help you create powerful sales efforts that get maximum results.

People want to know what benefits they will get by dealing with you. Today, inrepparttar 127510 online arena, we use basically three methods of contact with potential customers - Ads, such as you might place in a Newsletter, Sales Pitches delivered by email, and information from your web site. Whilerepparttar 127511 approach is certainly different in each, there are four maxims that all must contain, which brings us torepparttar 127512 "A" in AIDA.


To motivate your prospect, you must get their attention quickly. This is where your headline plays an important part. If that is dull and uninteresting, they will move along to something else. Most businesses buy out of necessity, but most end user consumers usually buy forrepparttar 127513 convenience. So, depending on your target market, you have to base your sales effort on what they are looking for, and how you can help them. You can basically forgetrepparttar 127514 outrageous claims that so many make. While you might find a sucker or two, most people are simply too smart to fall for that.

A question is a good way to rouse their interest. Try to figure out what their "hot buttons" are, and if they were yours, what would get your attention. If you can get them to mentally answerrepparttar 127515 question, you have gone a long way to getting their attention. This is most important in your ads where space is at a premium.


Once you've gotrepparttar 127516 prospects attention, you must keep their interest by showing them two things. They must know that you understand their problem and that you haverepparttar 127517 solution. Here it pays to restaterepparttar 127518 problem and then tell them how you can solve it. This is best done on your web site, or in a "long" sales letter that they have asked to receive. At this juncture, they are looking for information, and brevity is not to your advantage here. Try to anticipate their questions, andrepparttar 127519 more you can answer in your presentation at this point,repparttar 127520 better.

This is also where you want to reinforce their trust in you. You must have direct experience in what you are offering, and if you don't, you are wasting your time. Many people who join affiliate programs, makerepparttar 127521 mistake of trying to market something they don't know anything about. A short bio and picture on your web site stating your experience can berepparttar 127522 clincher that will closerepparttar 127523 sale.

A Thousand Words

Written by Bob Osgoodby

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. While this may be true ifrepparttar picture is a schematic of a complicated gizmo you're trying to put together, it is hardlyrepparttar 127508 case when it comes to your ads.

An image should be used as an attention getter. It should draw people in to readrepparttar 127509 words used inrepparttar 127510 ad. Words sell - not pictures. Each word used inrepparttar 127511 ad should leadrepparttar 127512 person torepparttar 127513 desired outcome. Inrepparttar 127514 case of a classified ad,repparttar 127515 desired outcome should be to have them request more information.

Sales are seldom made fromrepparttar 127516 first ad someone sees describing your product, service or opportunity. If you can get someone to ask for more information, your ad has donerepparttar 127517 first part ofrepparttar 127518 job.

Anyone involved in Internet Sales without a web page is simply spinning their wheels. Many ofrepparttar 127519 web pages however are disaster areas. People get so creative in their design, they forget their primary purpose. Once you have gotten someone to this point, it is now time to closerepparttar 127520 sale, and this is where many people "missrepparttar 127521 boat".

Think about it - your ad had to have been effective as it got them to your web site. They are looking for additional information. Some people wantrepparttar 127522 presentation inrepparttar 127523 quickest possible fashion, while others are willing to spendrepparttar 127524 time researc hing your offer. To be effective you should try to accommodate both groups.

An effective presentation will provide a synopsis of what you want to cover. It should also have a "link" where a person can be sent for in depth information. This is definitely a case where more is better. But you should not use words simply to fill space - they should all be carefully crafted to bringrepparttar 127525 person to your order page.

Studies have shown that one large web page with internal links to additional information will rank better withrepparttar 127526 search engines. Think of these internal links as bookmarks within your page, which will quickly advance someone torepparttar 127527 desired spot.

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