A How To Guide To DVD Duplication

Written by Ben Shar

Have you created a DVD that you just have to get out onrepparttar market? Or, perhaps you just need a few copies to give to friends or family members. How can you do this? DVD duplication isrepparttar 147553 process that you need to get your home made movie onto more DVDís. The process can be complicated though. Often times, it takes a professional to get it done right. But, how do you know when you need a professional DVD duplication company? Letís find out.

DVD duplication can be difficult. First of all, if you do not haverepparttar 147554 right equipment, it will also be costly. Many computers can duplicate a DVD for you, but there are special components within a computer that need to be purchased separately. If you have this equipment on your computer, and you only need to duplicate a few home made DVDís, there is no problem with doing it yourself. Simply learn how by followingrepparttar 147555 tutorials orrepparttar 147556 instruction manual.

DVD Creation

Written by Scott Brown

So you have created your masterpiece and want to put it onto DVD , what do you need?

Things you will need now 1. DVD authoring software - Authoring software is used to import your video clips and createrepparttar necessary menus and buttons. Once you have created your DVD you can userepparttar 147476 authoring software or a separate burning utility to actually writerepparttar 147477 data ontorepparttar 147478 blank DVD

2. DVD Burner - to actually write data to a blank DVD

Making a DVD To create a interactive DVD requires you to use a special kind of software called "Authoring" software. Authoring isrepparttar 147479 process by which you link allrepparttar 147480 clips, graphics and elements of your DVD together. Many DVD burners and low cost capture cards come with extremely basic authoring tools that let you create little more than a playlist for your DVD which is ideal for beginners but you may want to consider a full authoring package.

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