A Great Press Release Can Really Get Your Business Noticed

Written by Alvin Apple

Getting a new business offrepparttar ground is a daunting prospect. There are so many things to consider: office space, equipment, personnel, andrepparttar 101168 all important advertising. Money is always tight inrepparttar 101169 beginning, and quite often byrepparttar 101170 time that last dollar is spent getting things up and running,repparttar 101171 advertising budget just isn't there. Not to worry. There are many great ways of gettingrepparttar 101172 word out about your business without spending a fortune. In particular, press releases have long been an effective way of lettingrepparttar 101173 public know that your business exists.

Now a press release is not an ad, and any press release structured like an ad will be deleted in a second. The job of a press release is simply to alertrepparttar 101174 media to something newsworthy about your business. It's a bit like fishing. Whether or notrepparttar 101175 editor takes your bait depends on how you present your business, or even what kind of dayrepparttar 101176 editor is having. Inrepparttar 101177 end, it is entirely up torepparttar 101178 individual editors whether or not they use your story.

When writing your press release, make it sound newsy. Don't start off with sales language. You can saverepparttar 101179 blatant commercial stuff forrepparttar 101180 end ofrepparttar 101181 release. Choose something interesting about your business and create a headline. "New Innovations in Gardening Produce Beautiful Crop of Strawberries," is much more likely to be read than, "Johnson's Nursery Grand Opening Special: 50% off on Strawberries." Getrepparttar 101182 picture?

After you've got a great headline, fill out your story with interesting facts about your business. Give a brief history of what led you to what you're doing now. Mention howrepparttar 101183 needs ofrepparttar 101184 market are changing and how your business is a result of those changes. Try using quotes. Whatever you do, make it interesting, and stay away from blatant sales language or specific offers.

Tag, You're It !

Written by Larry Johnson

Some call them "tag lines"; others refer to them as "catch lines" or "tie-in-slogans." Whateverrepparttar words used to refer to them, they are perhapsrepparttar 101167 most important part of your promotional writing.

Do you recognize any of these ? :

"Like a rock..." "Flyrepparttar 101168 friendly skies..." "It'srepparttar 101169 real thing !" "Quality is job number one" "The quicker-picker-upper"

Most of those tag lines are recognizable by us without even includingrepparttar 101170 name ofrepparttar 101171 company or product.

They summarize in a very few wordsrepparttar 101172 essence ofrepparttar 101173 thing they are promoting. They communicate a good, positive feeling or relationship torepparttar 101174 product. They do it with a simple, memorable phrase that is easily repeated.

The shorterrepparttar 101175 description is,repparttar 101176 more challenging it is to write. Anyone can write a 500-word description of a product or service. Now try doing it with 5 to 10 words ! Each word you choose is very important torepparttar 101177 message.

HERE ARE SOME TIPS for writing good taglines for your business offer.

1) Start by noticing ads on billboards as you drive downrepparttar 101178 road. Billboard advertisers have but a couple of seconds to grab your attention and sell their product or service. Usually their copy is going to be a very good tagline with a picture ofrepparttar 101179 product or service. These are great examples of how to write effective taglines.

2) Notice other media forms like magazine and newspaper display ads, business cards, brief radio and TV commercials. Observerepparttar 101180 thing that caught your attention and makesrepparttar 101181 message easily remembered. It's usually a concise and well-written tagline.

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