A Georgia Country Boy Rates Vegas!

Written by Ed Williams

I just got back from Las Vegas!

Man oh man, it was my first visit ever, and let me tell yíall, if there was ever a town I fell in love with at first glance, itís Las Vegas! It has The Brotherhoodís name written all over it, in fact, if there ever was ever a town that Iíll need to visit regularly forrepparttar rest of my life after only one visit, itís Las Vegas!

I went out there for a speaking engagement related to some of my writing activities. Even though I spoke for only twenty minutes in a tiny conference room in one ofrepparttar 150108 big strip hotels, I can now say, for all eternity, that ďIíve played Vegas!Ē I was out there for all of two days, which now makes me a certified Vegas authority. And because Iím now so knowledgeable, hereís some unique things yíall can expect to see if you ever make a trip out there:

1. Some huge hotels - I thought I had seen some large hotels in places like New York City and Chicago, but nothing compares to these big mamas out in Vegas. You haverepparttar 150109 Luxor, which literally looks like a pyramid with a light shining out ofrepparttar 150110 top. You have Mandalay Bay, well, actually there are two Mandalay Bays now, and they both have copper colored windows in their rooms. They also have eleven acres of swimming pools and a huge shark aquarium. The owner of Mandalay Bay obviously likes fish, and probably also likes having a little something onrepparttar 150111 property to help keeprepparttar 150112 guests in line. Letís also not forget Caesarís Palace, which is huge, andrepparttar 150113 Venetian, which is even larger. Thereís one place called Excaliber that looks like a castle because one actually sits right atrepparttar 150114 entrance to it, Paris Las Vegas has a replica ofrepparttar 150115 Eiffel Tower standing right next to it, one calledrepparttar 150116 Stratosphere has an 1100 foot tower built close by (get this, thereís a roller coaster on top of it), andrepparttar 150117 grandest Vegas hotel of them all isrepparttar 150118 Bellagio. Collectively, these have to berepparttar 150119 most unique hotels inrepparttar 150120 world.

2. More gambling than you could ever imagine - every big motel has a casino, and you canít get to anything without going throughrepparttar 150121 casino first. Iím serious, if you want to go to your room, youíve gotta go throughrepparttar 150122 casino, if you want to eat at a motel restaurant, youíve gotta go throughrepparttar 150123 casino, and remember this - if you need to go torepparttar 150124 bathroom, donít wait til itís leg quivering time to go, because youíll have to go throughrepparttar 150125 casino to get to it as well. Something tells me that those Vegas motel security people wonít like guests who whiz all over their carpets or slot machines.

Honolulu or Santo Domingo Where Are the Best Prices?

Written by Donald Harrison

The white-sand beaches, impressive mountain ranges veined with spectacular rivers and waterfalls, and saltwater lakes teeming with exotic wildlife are just part ofrepparttar Dominican Republic's appeal. Whether you're looking to party, relax or explore,repparttar 150103 Dominican Republic has a lot to offerÖ except if you are carrying American dollars. The new president Leonel FernŠndez Reyna has overvaluedrepparttar 150104 peso torepparttar 150105 point that it is cheaper to take a vacation inrepparttar 150106 most expensive resort city inrepparttar 150107 USAÖHonolulu Hawaii!

The local people can barely survive. Every dayrepparttar 150108 dollar goes down andrepparttar 150109 prices go up. Gasoline is at over four dollars per gallon. Supermarket prices such as in Nacional and Super Polo make Hawaii supermarkets look like flea market in comparison torepparttar 150110 high prices inrepparttar 150111 Dominican Republic. Yet people packrepparttar 150112 supermarkets. Why? They have got to eat!

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