A Fun Day at the Zoo

Written by Susanne Myers

Lions and Tigers and Zebras Ė Oh My Spend a Fun Day atrepparttar Zoo

When wasrepparttar 149490 last time you took your kids torepparttar 149491 zoo? Do you remember how much fun they had, and do you remember how much you enjoyed watching their faces light up when they watchedrepparttar 149492 penguins being fed, orrepparttar 149493 chimpanzees chasing each other aroundrepparttar 149494 exhibit? Isnít it time you packed up your family and headed torepparttar 149495 nearest zoo?

A day atrepparttar 149496 zoo isnít just a fun way forrepparttar 149497 entire family to spendrepparttar 149498 day, but also a great opportunity for you to teach your child about all sorts of stuff. There is of courserepparttar 149499 obvious, like namingrepparttar 149500 different animals with your preschooler or readingrepparttar 149501 exhibit signs with your school-age child. Letís take a look at some other teaching opportunities.

If you are taking a preschooler torepparttar 149502 zoo, talk to him about what soundsrepparttar 149503 different animals make. Ask him what soundrepparttar 149504 monkey makes and then ask him to listen torepparttar 149505 animal. Donít forget to praise him for how closely he imitated a monkeyís call.

There are also plenty of opportunities inrepparttar 149506 Zoo to talk about colors. What color isrepparttar 149507 lion, how aboutrepparttar 149508 flamingo? You can also countrepparttar 149509 animals with your child. How many elephants can you see? Another idea is to talk to your preschooler about what a particular animal likes to eat. Some of his suggestions may be outright funny. My little cousin figured that flamingos only ate cotton candy, since they were so pink.

For a school-aged child,repparttar 149510 questions should of course be a little more challenging. Talk about whererepparttar 149511 animal originally came from. You can leave it atrepparttar 149512 continent, or look atrepparttar 149513 exhibit signs to figure out what country exactly they came from and then ask your child what continent that country is in, whatrepparttar 149514 climate is like and also how this particular animal has adapted torepparttar 149515 climate. For example, a polar bearís coat is white so he blends in with allrepparttar 149516 snow and ice.

Honesticity - bringing people together for household jobs

Written by Steven Huetson

My partner and I have wondered for quite some time about how best to find local people for household jobs and services. We grew tired of looking inrepparttar Yellow Pages and randomly choosing one so we decided to set up a company called Honesticity.co.uk. Honesticity was founded onrepparttar 149489 belief that everyone hasrepparttar 149490 right to expect a job well done. No matter how big or small, easy or difficult,repparttar 149491 job should be performed torepparttar 149492 best of one's ability and torepparttar 149493 correct standard. Honesticity is a venue bringing together people requiring services in all aspects of everyday domestic life with a helping hand who can provide that service.

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