A Florence Hills Tour

Written by Suzanne Morrison

Italy, a veritable treasure chest of culture and heritage - with its food, wine, culture and history, is always onrepparttar top of a European tour list. A tour to Italy would not be complete without going to Florence. This city is inrepparttar 143972 heart of Tuscany and is sometimes consideredrepparttar 143973 birthplace ofrepparttar 143974 Italian Renaissance. It is a place that is famous for its abundance of fine art and architecture and inrepparttar 143975 modern day, its fashion and leather goods.

If you are feeling a little tired out after a few days of sightseeing in Florence, a Florence hills tour can be a great way to relax and wind down. With a great ambience and an aura of solituderepparttar 143976 hills of Florence are very popular and ideal for those who wish to take a break fromrepparttar 143977 city.

If you only have a few hours to spare and don't want to venture too far from Florence, then a trip torepparttar 143978 town of Fiesole is highly recommended. Set amongstrepparttar 143979 hills, just 5 miles from Florence, Fiesole makes a pleasant half-day trip from Florence and provides a wonderful view ofrepparttar 143980 city. You can get there by bus fromrepparttar 143981 centre of Florence in around 20 minutes.

If you're feeling more energetic or have a little more time to spare you can walk fromrepparttar 143982 centre of Florence to Fiesole in around 2 hours. Once in Fiesole you can easily spend two or three hours wandering round, taking inrepparttar 143983 sights andrepparttar 143984 views of Florence andrepparttar 143985 valley below. Sights include a Roman Amphitheatre and baths dating from 1 BC,repparttar 143986 Duomo and a few small museums.

If you have a full day to spare there are numerous tour companies that can organise day trips by bus, walking tours or biking trips. Alternatively you can hire a car and use a map to discoverrepparttar 143987 delights ofrepparttar 143988 Tuscan countryside for yourself.

Why Some Car Transport Services Are Better Than Others

Written by Nick Telford II

Car manufacturers and dealers have been doing it for years and now car transport services are making it simpler forrepparttar average consumer. Transporting cars, whether fromrepparttar 143935 manufacturer torepparttar 143936 dealer or from one city to another saves onrepparttar 143937 physical wear and tear ofrepparttar 143938 vehicle's exterior as well asrepparttar 143939 mechanical stress onrepparttar 143940 engine.

In order to select a transport service,repparttar 143941 first question you'll want answered is how much will it cost? As with any type of shopping you should comparison shop prices and services from various car transport companies.

You'll need to knowrepparttar 143942 origin point and destination forrepparttar 143943 car andrepparttar 143944 approximate date you wantrepparttar 143945 vehicle to depart. The car transport service will also needrepparttar 143946 make, model and year ofrepparttar 143947 car in question.

The client needs to know what type of transport they are looking for whether it's door-to-door or point-to-point (i.e. a central location in one city to another.) Some transport services also offer covered transport, which will protectrepparttar 143948 car from weather elements, rocks and dust. This can be very beneficial inrepparttar 143949 transport of vintage or classic cars

Once a company is selected, payment arrangements will need to be made. Most companies want a deposit of 15 to 20% prior torepparttar 143950 car's departure and full payment made when it arrives atrepparttar 143951 destination. These payments are usually required to be inrepparttar 143952 form of cash or a cashier's check.

It's usually a good plan to checkrepparttar 143953 fine print onrepparttar 143954 contract once it's been agreed to. If you cancel it,repparttar 143955 transport company may charge a fee. It's also a good idea to put a clause somewhere in there that allows for you to cancel if they have not picked up your car within some number of days ofrepparttar 143956 scheduled date.

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