A Fine Line between Heaven, Hell and Astrology: Angelic Governors of the Zodiac

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

Have you ever wondered which Angel governs your sign? And did you know that all Angels are not exlusively deriven from Heaven? With regards to your personality, each of these entities play a role in your individuality.

[Rf. from "A Dictionary of Angels" by Gustav Davidson]

The Angel, Machidiel, (meaning "fullness of God"), governsrepparttar month of March and is alsorepparttar 143371 ruler of Aries.

Asmodel,repparttar 143372 Angel of April, rulesrepparttar 143373 Zodiacal sign of Taurus. He is widely known asrepparttar 143374 "demon of punishment."

May's Angel, Ambriel governs Gemini and isrepparttar 143375 chief officer ofrepparttar 143376 12th hour of night. On an Oriental, Hebrew charm, Ambriel's name is inscribed to ward off evil.

Then we have Muriel,repparttar 143377 Angel of June andrepparttar 143378 ruler of Cancer. Muriel is interesting in that not only is herepparttar 143379 chief officer ofrepparttar 143380 3rd hour ofrepparttar 143381 day but if "invoked" fromrepparttar 143382 South is believed to procure a magic carpet.

The Angel of July, Verchiel, ruler of Leo. Not only is Verchiel one ofrepparttar 143383 rulers ofrepparttar 143384 order of powers, but he also governsrepparttar 143385 Sun.

Hamaliel, Angel of August, a ruler of Virgo is also one ofrepparttar 143386 rulers ofrepparttar 143387 "orders of virtue."

Libra's ruler, Uriel, (translating "Fire of God"), governor of September, is also known asrepparttar 143388 Archangel of salvation and is renowned globally fromrepparttar 143389 infamous painting - Dryden's "The State of Innocence," depicted descending from heaven in a chariot drawn by white horses. He is also likened to divine vengeance and Justice ~ thusrepparttar 143390 "scales of Libra."

Barbiel, ruler of Scorpio andrepparttar 143391 Angel of October is one ofrepparttar 143392 28 angels ofrepparttar 143393 28 mansions ofrepparttar 143394 Moon. Barbiel also serves as one ofrepparttar 143395 seven Electors inrepparttar 143396 underworld.

The Angel of November and ruler of Sagittarius is Adnachiel. He and Phaleg-referred to asrepparttar 143397 "Warlord," alternate as ruling Angels ofrepparttar 143398 Order of Angels.

Start here...First Principles (B)

Written by Terry Dashner

Start here…first principles (B)

Terry Dashner………Faith Fellowship Church PO Box 1586 Broken Arrow, OK 74013

Here are some concepts in logic that are fundamental to establishing truth. When we assign words (symbols) to correspond to certain aspects of reality (referents), we are using another law of logic calledrepparttar law of identity. This law simply states that something is what we say it is: A is A. A correlative principle,repparttar 143242 law of excluded middle, asserts that it is either A or non-A (but not both). All valid thinking rests on these principles: they are absolute, and without them thinking would not be possible. [Norman Geisler and Peter Bocchino, Unshakable Foundations (Bethany House: Minneapolis, Minnesota) p. 24]

Alexander Pope correctly observed that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing! This cliché could be true in our case if we fail to point outrepparttar 143243 principal limitation of logic. When we use logic asrepparttar 143244 focal point of our intellectual lens, we must be very careful to recognize that its effectiveness is limited to finding error alone. Logic’s function is to correct faulty thinking, or groundless reasoning, and is therefore a negative test for truth. This is a very important characteristic: logic by itself will not help us find truth but will only help us detect error. What is true must be logical, but what is logical is not necessarily true. [Ibid, p. 28]

For example,repparttar 143245 statement “two plus two equals four” is logical. Similarly,repparttar 143246 statement “two leprechauns plus two leprechauns equals four leprechauns” is also logical. Both statements are logical; however,repparttar 143247 second statement does not mean that leprechauns actually exist. You would have to test and see if there is any evidence to supportrepparttar 143248 claim that leprechauns are real. Consequently, what is real or true must be logical, but what is logical is not necessarily real or true. [Ibid, p. 28] The law of noncontradiction,repparttar 143249 law of identity, andrepparttar 143250 law of excluded middle all relate torepparttar 143251 field of study called, logic.

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