A Fine LIne Between Heaven, Hell and Astrology - Angelic Governors of the Zodiac

Written by Lady Camelot

A Fine Line between Heaven, Hell and Astrology - Angelic Governors ofrepparttar Zodiac by Lady Camelot

Have you ever wondered which Angel governs your sign? And did you know that all Angels are not exlusively deriven from Heaven? With regards to your personality, each of these entities play a role in your individuality.

{Rf. from "A Dictionary of Angels" by Gustav Davidson}

The Angel, Machidiel, (meaning "fullness of God"), governsrepparttar 122338 month of March and is alsorepparttar 122339 ruler of Aries.

Asmodel,repparttar 122340 Angel of April, rulesrepparttar 122341 Zodiacal sign of Taurus. He is widely known asrepparttar 122342 "demon of punishment."

May's Angel, Ambriel governs Gemini and isrepparttar 122343 chief officer ofrepparttar 122344 12th hour of night. On an Oriental, Hebrew charm, Ambriel's name is inscribed to ward off evil.

Then we have Muriel,repparttar 122345 Angel of June andrepparttar 122346 ruler of Cancer. Muriel is interesting in that not only is herepparttar 122347 chief officer ofrepparttar 122348 3rd hour ofrepparttar 122349 day but if "invoked" fromrepparttar 122350 South is believed to procure a magic carpet.

The Angel of July, Verchiel, ruler of Leo. Not only is Verchiel one ofrepparttar 122351 rulers ofrepparttar 122352 order of powers, but he also governsrepparttar 122353 Sun.

Hamaliel, Angel of August, a ruler of Virgo is also one ofrepparttar 122354 rulers ofrepparttar 122355 "orders of virtue."

Libra's ruler, Uriel, (translating "Fire of God"), governor of September, is also known asrepparttar 122356 Archangel of salvation and is renowned globally fromrepparttar 122357 infamous painting - Dryden's "The State of Innocence," depicted descending from heaven in a chariot drawn by white horses. He is also likened to divine vengeance and Justice ~ thusrepparttar 122358 "scales of Libra."

Near Death Experiences -- Is There A Logical Explanation?

Written by Lady Camelot

Near Death Experiences -- Is there a logical explanation? by Lady Camelot

Inrepparttar August edition of Reader's Digest, I stumbled upon a compelling article, "After Life," by Anita Bartholomew. The article takes an intricate look intorepparttar 122337 controversial world of "after life" or "near death experiences." I found myself being hurled intorepparttar 122338 riveting article like a child in a candy store. In Ms. Bartholomew's revealing summary, van Lommel (a British researcher) made an interesting statement, "You can comparerepparttar 122339 brain to a TV set. The TV program is not in your TV set." Thus, where liesrepparttar 122340 consciousness?

Modern scientists cannot explain NDEs, or in my opinion-- do not want to accept it. What is a Near Death Experience? An NDE is an experience which may include feeling of being outside of one's physical body. The person may move through a form of darkness or tunnel. He or she may meet deceased loved ones and even other entities. However, most recall an indescribalbe light that seemingly beckons them. Some NDEs are beautiful and peaceful, while others can be terrifying or unpleasant. In any event, most cases of NDEs result in a life-altering transformation.

While some believe that NDEs dramatically prove life after death, others seem to think a near death experience is a hallucination whichrepparttar 122341 brain manifests in itself when pushed to extreme limits. What has been discovered is that different cultures, do in fact, experience similar episodes of NDEs. The only differential in other regions ofrepparttar 122342 globe is that where one may see light here, others may see tall buildings or even stars. This, of course, transcends multi-diverse belief systems and how things or events are viewed in relation to NDEs.

Ultimately, what one person sees, hears or experiences during an NDE is entirely uprepparttar 122343 individual's own belief system. Many persons may never have a near death experience because their own belief systems do not allow these thought patterns to channel their own mind; therefore, what you or I value or have learned to be recognitive of does not always apply in NDEs.

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