A Few Tips On Comic Book Bags

Written by AAA-Collectables

Comic Book Backing Boards come in different thicknesses and acid-free properties. The basic purpose for using a backing board is to giverepparttar comic some stiffness, which helps keeprepparttar 150301 comic pages from bending, creasing or wrinkling. When a backing is placed inrepparttar 150302 center ofrepparttar 150303 comic it protectsrepparttar 150304 comic book spine from crushing. The second purpose for using a backing board in a comic is its potential to neutralize acid inrepparttar 150305 comic book paper. Acid inrepparttar 150306 paper thatrepparttar 150307 comic is printed can causerepparttar 150308 deterioration ofrepparttar 150309 comic. Using an acid-free backing in your comic can potentially trap and neautralize acid inrepparttar 150310 paper. The three types of comic backing boards we offer are: Economy comic book backings, Standard acid-free comic book backings and Archival comic backings.

Space Exploration, and the Room for it!

Written by Thick Mick.

Space exploration came a long way since I wasrepparttar size of a measurable amount of it. I remember with some pain, my first ride on a penny farthing with its big wheel and long spokes that were well engineered to cut a foot or two off anyone's legs. With good timing though, I used my head and saved my legs.

Anyway, I'm a long time looking and can see nothing in space worth a damn. What would keep it up?

Some viagra from venus? I don't think so!

Even if there was anything up there, who put it there? And how did they put it there? I never believed that Alien conspiracy business and often thought that a man that couldn't speak his mind, couldn't conquer much.

As for an Alien being green and skinny; we've killed many things that looked like mal-formed frogs and aterepparttar 149877 best of them! To think that a white frog would be any more capable, is crazy. What difference would his color be to a mortal with an empty belly and color-blindness issues? Rubbish,repparttar 149878 lot of it!

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