A Fast and Simple way to Update Your Business

Written by Al Hanzal

A Fast and Simple way to Updating your business!

You open your computer,repparttar flashing button says, “We have a new update for your software program. Do you wish to update now or later?” You chooserepparttar 116781 Update Now button and immediately your computer begins to download a new version ofrepparttar 116782 software program. What isrepparttar 116783 program updating? It’s fixing broken parts ofrepparttar 116784 software program; it’s adding new features. It does this quickly and easily. Right before your eyes you seerepparttar 116785 update taking place. You click a button and you haverepparttar 116786 newest software update. Computer software and hardware companies have learned that “updating” is a necessary tool in today’s computer world. Without updates, users would drift towards other vendors who haverepparttar 116787 latest features and best programs. What about your own business? When wasrepparttar 116788 last time you updated your business operations? In our fast paced, every changing business climate, your either update or customers will drift to your competitors. Your business needs are no different than computer software companies. You need to make fixes to your business operations. You need to add new features and benefits of your business and market these new features to your customers. Here is a short and exercise you can use to “update” your business operations. Look at these four areas in your business.

1. Your Market Overrepparttar 116789 course of doing business, has your market message remainedrepparttar 116790 same? Does it still reflectrepparttar 116791 heart of your business? How would you change it to reflect more precisely what is really happening in your business? Are there parts of your marketing efforts that need to be dropped because they are no longer useful? If your message has changed, should you be looking at different advertising mediums for your business? I watched a floor covering business change its marketing message over a number of years. At first it offered itself asrepparttar 116792 company withrepparttar 116793 cheapest prices. Asrepparttar 116794 business evolved, they realized that creating a great customer shopping experiences was more important than beingrepparttar 116795 lowest price. Once they realized their market had shifted, they made changes in their advertising. They made changes in their vendors. They made changes in their staffing. By asking a series of simple questions, they were able to update their business operations.

2. Your Customers This business aspect is closely related to your marketing issues. Over a period of time, you can begin working with different customers. At first,repparttar 116796 change happens gradually. Then one day, you realize your customers are different from your original business. How dorepparttar 116797 new customers compare to your original customers? What customers need to be dropped so you can concentrate on new customers? Where isrepparttar 116798 best place to reach and contact these new customers? What other effects does this new customer population have on your business?

Only The Weak Ones Quit!

Written by graham and julie

Onlyrepparttar weak ones quit. Is that true? There is a story of a CEO of a multi-national company who decided to withdraw a product fromrepparttar 116780 market when it had consistently failed for nine months and eaten up millions of pounds in advertising, promotions etc. Was he weak? He could have maintainedrepparttar 116781 myth of success and stayed inrepparttar 116782 market and gradually withdrawn, costing him and his company many more millions. Instead, he chose to facerepparttar 116783 fact that they had made a bad decision backingrepparttar 116784 product inrepparttar 116785 first place. He admitted his mistake publicly and withdrewrepparttar 116786 product before it cost him and his shareholders more money. Is he weak? We believerepparttar 116787 opposite is true. He is a winner and winners quit in order that they can go on to achieve greater success. Perhaps, therefore,repparttar 116788 phrase should be, ‘onlyrepparttar 116789 weak ones stick'. The strong appear to recognise when they have exhausted allrepparttar 116790 options and get out beforerepparttar 116791 situation becomes a liability. The successful appear to know when to quit whereasrepparttar 116792 weak ones,repparttar 116793 unsuccessful, stay with a project hoping and praying that it will turn itself around. Just stop for a moment and ask yourself: Am I maintaining a project, thoughts, attitudes or beliefs that I should have ditched a long time ago? What is it that I know I should have quitted but keep hold of? What am I holding on to because I am afraid to let go? What is it that stops me from quitting? David was made redundant in 2001 and decided, because he had been relatively successful in corporate life, to become a management consultant, working from home. He had read allrepparttar 116794 books and information onrepparttar 116795 web telling him how much these guys earned and because he had 20 plus years in management they would be eager to call on his assistance and knowledge. He realised he had little, in fact no, selling skills so he enrolled on a number of sales training courses. In fact David enrolled on and attended many courses inrepparttar 116796 first six months to learnrepparttar 116797 ropes. How to cold call. How to put a proposal together. How to find outrepparttar 116798 real problem inrepparttar 116799 organisation. How to closerepparttar 116800 sale. Etc. etc. etc.

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