A Dying Cat And A Nylon String Guitar

Written by John Stockwell

“Music isn’t just learning notes and playing them, you learn notes to play torepparttar music of your soul” – Katie Greenwood.

Why are you learning music anyway? Is it to pick up chicks? Is it to fulfill a void in your mundane life? Is it an indescribable calling?

I always wanted to learnrepparttar 148583 drums. I don’t know why, maybe it’srepparttar 148584 aggressive nature ofrepparttar 148585 things. You sit there and bashrepparttar 148586 crap out of them.

As fate would have it I shared a house with Dave, a guitar player, so I decided to learnrepparttar 148587 guitar as I had my very own teacher living inrepparttar 148588 next room. Or so I thought.

I went out and bought a nylon string classical guitar for $70. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing but that never stopped me before.

So I went back home with my new guitar in its cardboard box. And with anything new, you want to play with it straight away, as soon as you get it home.

I also bought one of those guitar case chord dictionaries. You knowrepparttar 148589 ones, they have a thousand chords in them and they are designed to confuse rather than actually help you.

So I waited for Dave to get home from work and as soon as he was inrepparttar 148590 door I was at him. “I bought this new guitar and I was wondering if you could show me how to play it” I said.

He just laughed at me but eventually agreed to show me which chords to learn first. He told me to learnrepparttar 148591 open chords A, D, E, G, and C. So I did. I spent every spare moment learning these chords.

Tony Yayo

Written by Solof

What’s your life like? Tony Yayo’s is real. G-Unit’s incarcerated scarface, who’s bounced in and out of federal penitentiaries during 50 Cent’s ascension torepparttar top ofrepparttar 148582 pops, is real, like milk. And his debut album, undoubtedlyrepparttar 148583 most long coming and anticipated release from G-Unit, Thoughts Of A Predicate Felon, bleeds this reality. “My album is all fact no fiction,” saysrepparttar 148584 26 year-old Yayo, “Everything on there is things I’ve done or seen—as a matter of fact, most ofrepparttar 148585 album was written in jail and that’s whyrepparttar 148586 aggressive records are so hard.” Replete with brooding, violent beats, courtesy of super-producers like Dr. Dre, Eminem and Havoc of Mobb Deep, and vicious punch lines, Thoughts promises to be G-Unit’s most street release. “I been with 50 since day one, so I’ve studiedrepparttar 148587 way that he makes records,” he says, “So I know you gotta makerepparttar 148588 club records andrepparttar 148589 records for girls, but I also know that what makes G-Unit G-Unit is we makerepparttar 148590 best street records inrepparttar 148591 industry.”

And no one is better equipped to feedrepparttar 148592 street than Yayo. Since a young pup, he letrepparttar 148593 gun buck, and it was this reckless abandon that attracted a teenaged 50 Cent to him back when they ranrepparttar 148594 Southside of Queens. All it took was a chance encounter on a Jamaica corner forrepparttar 148595 two to see their likeness in one another. “50, he could see in me that I live, and we both rapped too, so it was just a natural friendship,” says Yayo, who idolized rap legends like Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap, “So we started working together onrepparttar 148596 street and then when he started taking rap more seriously he took me along too ‘cause he knew I was nice.”

Duringrepparttar 148597 mid-nineties while 50 made inroads torepparttar 148598 industry, working with Jam Master Jay and thenrepparttar 148599 Trackmasters, Yayo got his rep up onrepparttar 148600 battle circuit bringing it to other Queens rappers like local stars,repparttar 148601 Lost Boyz.. “I was taking everybody out back then,” he remembers. But just when 50 was about make his leap to stardom he was gunned down withrepparttar 148602 infamous 9 slugs. Butrepparttar 148603 two, now joined by young boy Lloyd Banks, turnedrepparttar 148604 seeming tragedy to triumph. “As soon as 50 recovered we went to work onrepparttar 148605 mixtapes,” says Yayo who loyally played his position despiterepparttar 148606 seemingly insurmountable opposition against them, “and that’s when he created G-Unit.” The trio went to war withrepparttar 148607 industry that was afraid to touch them and recorded “Bad News”, Yayo’s first official vocal appearance, and then went to work on 50 Cent Is The Future, which secured Fif his fortuitous Shady/Aftermath deal. Yayo stood out onrepparttar 148608 early mixtapes due to his unbridled energy and laugh out loud punchlines, which anchoredrepparttar 148609 nimble wordplay of Banks and sing-songy fluidness of 50.

But duringrepparttar 148610 summer of 2002, just when allrepparttar 148611 pieces were coming into place, Yayo caught a gun charge in his Queens neighborhood. Yayo threw caution torepparttar 148612 wind and refused to turn himself in, instead recording countless verses for G-Unit mixtapes, as well as hittingrepparttar 148613 road with 50 on his fall tour. He was able to fully establish himself as a primary member of G-Unit, make a guest appearance on 50’s 11X platinum debut Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, and develop close relationships with Eminem and Dr. Dre. But, as he knew it would, Yayo’s charge caught up with him in December of ’02 when 50’s entourage was detained byrepparttar 148614 NYPD outside ofrepparttar 148615 Copa Cabana nightclub.

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