A Dream for a Future with Alternative Energy

Written by Robert S. Leonard

"America has become a vassal state to OPEC. Our military men and women are offered as a serf army torepparttar OPEC nations. We use billions of US tax dollars andrepparttar 105338 blood of our soldiers to preserverepparttar 105339 power of these unpopular governments. Wind power and solar energy could quickly free us from OPECís shackles." - Hulagu's Web

Inrepparttar 105340 first quarter of 2005,repparttar 105341 cost of a gallon of gas climbed torepparttar 105342 highest price ever. In that same period ExxonMobil,repparttar 105343 behemoth global oil company, surged forward asrepparttar 105344 largest and most profitable corporation inrepparttar 105345 world valued at more than $402 billion on Feb. 28th. The American public funded this success through military operations to securerepparttar 105346 oil and in turn, pay forrepparttar 105347 success with higher and higher prices atrepparttar 105348 pumps.

While America politicians and businesses clamor overrepparttar 105349 dwindling global oil reserves, other countries are taking necessary actions to replace oil as their principle energy source. Germany and France have both implemented successful alternative energy programs, dramatically reducing their dependency on oil, and oil rich countries. This is perhaps one ofrepparttar 105350 principle reasons why their governments are labeled as uncaring towards Americaís political predicament with foreign oil. While America spends billions to secure oil resources with their military, Germany and France pour their wealth into expanding their alternative energy programs. Itís a race that America is losing. Politically,repparttar 105351 American blight inrepparttar 105352 Middle East is of great advantage to countries in support of renewable energy, because these countries are getting a head start onrepparttar 105353 global race towardsrepparttar 105354 technological development of more efficient renewable energy systems. Billions spent on preservation ofrepparttar 105355 status quo ofrepparttar 105356 OPEC nations assures France and Germany oil forrepparttar 105357 immediate future. Atrepparttar 105358 same time,repparttar 105359 money saved from opting out of participation inrepparttar 105360 Coalition can be used to build many alternative energy resources and research new methods of securing renewable energy. Well-orchestrated protests against American involvement in Iraq and other Middle East countries endears Canada, France and Germany torepparttar 105361 world.

"Implementing alternative energy requires us to be motivated; as we know it's much easier to simply hook intorepparttar 105362 'grid'." -- David Suzuki

Why is America so dependent on oil and unwilling to seriously turn to alternative energies to gain freedom from OPECís shackles? A principle reason isrepparttar 105363 naivety regarding possible options of renewable energy, coupled withrepparttar 105364 distorted way big oil and their hoard of PR people comparerepparttar 105365 cost of oil againstrepparttar 105366 cost of other energy sources. The cost of a barrel of oil is used to determine its kilowatt/hour cost. That price is stripped clean ofrepparttar 105367 billions spent each year for securingrepparttar 105368 oil. The barrel price only reflects OPECís asking price. Not considered inrepparttar 105369 kilowatt/hour cost isrepparttar 105370 tax money spent on military mobilization to assurerepparttar 105371 resources of companies like ExxonMobil reach American shores. The death of American soldiers and their overwhelming sacrifices to keep oil flowing, to power America, or to squander on SUVís and ATVís, is never considered as a part ofrepparttar 105372 oil cost inrepparttar 105373 corporate offices ofrepparttar 105374 energy titans.

Some feel adamant that alternative energy will not only provide cheaper energy but remedy or at least diminishrepparttar 105375 primary reasons for ongoing global conflict. Alternative energy providesrepparttar 105376 ability to offer a large level of redundancy in sources so that countries are not dependent onrepparttar 105377 natural resources of another nation. It also provides a much cleaner energy, reducingrepparttar 105378 tremendous pollution problem of fossil fuel. The profitability of alternative energy is an investment that starts today and pays off tomorrow.

Most alternative energy resources are much safer to produce and use. The oil business, however, has a bad history of subjecting even their employees to dangers inrepparttar 105379 production and transportation ofrepparttar 105380 fuel. On March 23, 2005 a huge explosion erupted in an oil refinery in Texas wounding around 70 employees and killing 14. Inrepparttar 105381 Tosco Avon Refinery in Martinez, California, an explosion in 1999 killed 4 employees. After an investigation that refinery was closed and lawsuits are still raging overrepparttar 105382 accident. Oil spills are another major hazards unique torepparttar 105383 oil industry. Most are not as infamous asrepparttar 105384 Exxon Valdez Spill, but they all are damaging and happen frequently with ships breaking apart and trucks overturning. The results are death of people, wildlife and long term environmental damage.

How can America embrace alternative energy and reducerepparttar 105385 dependency on politically volatile foreign oil? Realize that alternative energy is now cheaper for any country than oil. The military expense involved withrepparttar 105386 procurement of oil is a hidden fee, paid through taxes and with lives. The American working class paysrepparttar 105387 bulk of this burden as higher taxes than any other group. Education isrepparttar 105388 answer inrepparttar 105389 US, becauserepparttar 105390 reality of alternative energy is realized byrepparttar 105391 simplicity and beauty of wind power and solar energy. It is insane to continuerepparttar 105392 ongoing effort, extendingrepparttar 105393 use of a fuel that is so scarce, dangerous, polluting, monopolized, and produced by politically unstable entities. Americaís energy crisis can be solved quickly with alternative energy. There is no need for another soldier to die on foreign soil, leaving loved ones to grieve. This should be Americaís focus, not finding more oil fields or even destroyingrepparttar 105394 Alaskan wildlife reserve just to squeeze a few more barrels out ofrepparttar 105395 ground, to facerepparttar 105396 same problem in a few more years. Prolonging agony does not suspend agony -- it saves agony for later.

The Valuable Individual

Written by Lillian & Dave Brummet

The Valuable Individual (413 words)

How can we, as individuals, participate in waste management? Because some of us are so overwhelmed with Earthís problems, we feel that our contributions have no real consequence inrepparttar end. For others, social barriers can be an issue. A lady we once knew confessed that she did not want to be seen buying used items or being concerned with power use. She was worried people would see her as cheap Ė a scrooge Ė whenrepparttar 105336 family was so affluent. Yet, she was very careful to be seen with recycling bins out onrepparttar 105337 curb on pick-up day, because that was thought to berepparttar 105338 thing to do socially. Now is a good time to put an end to these negative thoughts and feelings of false pride. Waste reduction is not about ego - it is aboutrepparttar 105339 health ofrepparttar 105340 planet and of our nation.

Communities would be wise to look at Nova Scotiaís waste reduction success and try to emulate it in their area. Withrepparttar 105341 highest waste reduction rates in Canada, Nova Scotia has reduced landfill contributions by 46% - saving about $31 million per year - simply by makingrepparttar 105342 most ofrepparttar 105343 organic and recyclable materials. Curbside recycling service (Blue Box) is available to 99% of its residents and 76% now enjoy curbside organic service (a.k.a. Green Box).

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