A Discussion about Facilitation Skills

Written by CMOE Development Team

Interview with Julia Apple-Smith, Manager of Employee Development at Sauer-Danfoss Ames, Iowa about Facilitation Skills:

Q:Would you tell me a little bit aboutrepparttar culture at Sauer-Danfoss?

Julia:About nine years ago, Dave Pfeifle, President and CEO had a vision for us to change our culture. We, at one time, were part ofrepparttar 144147 Sundstrand Corporation, and as such, over time, had evolved into a company that was fairly autocratic and not very customer focused. It was not only Dave’s vision for that to change, but it was also a time when our customers were beginning to let us know that if that wasrepparttar 144148 way we were going to do business, they were going to need to find other companies to providerepparttar 144149 same type of product that we provide. Dave’s vision then became what is now known as Reaching for Excellence. It is not a program. It is our company’s vision statement. It represents our philosophy of who we are. There was not a training program here at that time. Part of Dave’s vision was to have a learning base to help promote and support that kind of cultural changes. It’s really been an evolutionary process overrepparttar 144150 last eight or nine years. It is something that CMOE has played and integral part in.

Q:How did your relationship with CMOE begin?

Julia - One ofrepparttar 144151 first things we did was to previewrepparttar 144152 Coaching Skills Workshop in California. We decided that it was a class that we wanted to bring in-house. That class and a Customer Awareness Class, that I created, were reallyrepparttar 144153 cornerstone classes for what now has become one of our core courses inrepparttar 144154 whole training program. As time evolved, we continued to build on that foundation of learning with other classes such as Teamwork I and Teamwork II and other types of learning. So there was a lot of internal training going on.

Q – Can you tell me about how Facilitation Skills came about?

Julia – About five years ago, I was getting feedback from team leaders, facilitators (supervisors), and when I sat in on meetings, it was clear that we were still struggling. We had structured ourselves into teams throughoutrepparttar 144155 organization, but we struggled, when we got people together, to make those meetings as effective as possible. From (my) observation and from feedback, it was very clear that we needed to be doing some thing to build onrepparttar 144156 Coaching Skills training to give these people some skills on how to facilitate a group. Coaching, I think does a superior job of giving people skills for one-on-one coaching situations. You can even apply a lot of those skills to a group session, but we really wanted something that was more specific to facilitating groups. So a couple of managers went with me to Des Moines to preview a two-day class on Facilitation Skills, and we found that it was pretty typical of what is out there inrepparttar 144157 industry. We wanted more of what I would callrepparttar 144158 soft side orrepparttar 144159 behavioral side of group facilitation. In other words, when people were facilitating groups, they wanted to enhance involvement, help to focusrepparttar 144160 group without directingrepparttar 144161 group, how to helprepparttar 144162 group feel good about what they were doing and actually have fun with it, while helpingrepparttar 144163 group be more effective and efficient.

Teen Jobsearch & CV Help

Written by Mark Else

"Your sitting at home bored and want to go bowling with your mates but can't because you have no money and your mum and dad have said they cant afford to keep giving you money whenever you feel, so you try and do a few extra jobs aroundrepparttar house but this only amounts to a bit of extra change in your pocket and simply is not enough to go out and enjoy yourself with your mates."

Ifrepparttar 144146 above statement sound like you then you could benefit from getting yourself a part-time job or a Saturday job.

Lets review you!

Get a pen and piece of paper and list allrepparttar 144147 skills that make you who you are, these can include things like;

* A good listener

This is when you are good at taking information in by reading something or listening carefully to what is being said. It also shows that you can provide accurate information either by speaking or producing a document.

* Application of number

This is when you are confident with numbers and can use them effectively. You will be comfortable about using them and able to solve problems quickly and accurately.

* You are good on computers (IT)

This is when you are able to deal with new technology, use computers and other technical equipment to produce and present accurate data.

* You are good at solving problems

This is when you can use your own initiative to work and solve problems. You will be able to provide information and describerepparttar 144148 problem and be able to recognize a problem when it occurs.

* Your a quick learner

This is when you haverepparttar 144149 ability to learn new things quickly.

* Can speak other languages

This is when you haverepparttar 144150 ability to speak fluently in another language.

* Good written communication skills

* Good verbal communication skills

This is when you are good at taking information in by reading something or listening carefully to what is being said. It also shows that you can provide accurate information either by speaking or producing a document.

* The ability to work in a team

This is when you can show that you work well using your own initiative as well as being able to work well as part of a team. You will have great interpersonal skills, you are good with people from a wide range of backgrounds and will be able to manage your own workload and recognize when and where improvements can be made.

* The ability to work independently

This is when you can show that you work well using your own initiative.

* Prompt and reliability

This shows that your are always prompt (on-time) and you are reliable enough to dorepparttar 144151 job at hand.

* Improving own learning & performance

This is when you can recognize your weaknesses and makerepparttar 144152 appropriate steps to improve them. You will be learning throughout your time at school or college andrepparttar 144153 more you dorepparttar 144154 more you will improve

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