A Devastatingly Powerful Way To Steal Hoards Of Traffic From Your Competitors!

Written by Grady Smith

Today my competition put around $200 in my pocket. And tomorrow, they’re going to do it again.

In fact, everyday my competition sends me tons of their traffic and I make a mint from it.

But is all this stealing of traffic legal? Do I use some special software to divert traffic from their site? Will I end up in prison after making this information available to everyone and exposing what I’ve been doing?

Not a chance. In fact, what I’m doing is completely ethical and legal. And it accounts for a whooping percentage ofrepparttar money I put in my pocket each day.

Let me explain this technique so you can apply it to your own business.

First thing you’re going to want to do is research your target audience. If you wrote your own sales letter then you should know them like a family member. But if not, then you’ll want to know:

* Where they spend their time online

* What hobbies they have

* What they’re after

After finding out these details about your audience you should know exactly which keywords they’re searching online.

For instance, I offer a book on how to catch a cheating spouse. And from my research, I know that most ofrepparttar 127256 people that can use my book are:

* Mainly men * Obviously having trust problems in their relationship * And that I’ll most likely find them searching under terms like “catch cheating spouse”, “is my spouse cheating”, “infidelity”, “affairs”, and so on.

Now one thing I haven’t gottenrepparttar 127257 hang of is getting top placement inrepparttar 127258 search engines underrepparttar 127259 keywords I need. And even if I was, I think it’s next to impossible to get a top listing under every word my prospects are searching under. The fact is, with this method, you don’t need to get a listing anywhere onrepparttar 127260 search engines to get a steady stream of ready to buy, highly targeted traffic.

Okay, now withrepparttar 127261 list of keywords you’ve assembled because you know your target so well, start entering them intorepparttar 127262 search engines. And you’re going to notice that an amazing thing happens.

Right there in front of you is a listing ofrepparttar 127263 websites gettingrepparttar 127264 majority ofrepparttar 127265 traffic on each search term. You’ll find them right there inrepparttar 127266 top three. And if you’re using a popular search engine like Google, you’ve got some very powerful, ready to use and profit from information.

Increase Your Sales By Using Confidence

Written by Grady Smith

Does your sales letter display confidence?

I mean doesrepparttar reader really believe that you have confidence behind your product? Do you confidently show them that you know your subject, and through your selection of words and phrases, are you displaying confidence that this product isrepparttar 127255 one that will solve their problem?

Confidence makes us buy, because we begin to see thatrepparttar 127256 person knows their subject. The lack of confidence in a sales letter shows us they don’t feel comfortable with what they’re saying. It comes across as unsure.

It might not sound like much. You’ve read that givingrepparttar 127257 potential customer specific benefits that offer a solution to their problem isrepparttar 127258 biggest hurdle. Butrepparttar 127259 reality is sales depend on how you present your material as to build confidence in you as well as your product.

Confidence sales. There was a time when I was a telemarketing sales manager. I know, but don’t hate me. Though I might have interrupted a few dinners or got you up ofrepparttar 127260 couch, I am about to teach you something here.

My job was to teach telemarketing reps how to sell. I would center in on someone that wasn’t making any sales, listen in to them, then after a few calls I would let them listen in as I took one for them. I would mimic their sales pitch, using almostrepparttar 127261 exact same words that they did. But nearly every time I did this I would make a sale on my first call where they had struggled through about thirty presentations without even a nibble.

Why was I able to make a sale after only one call usingrepparttar 127262 exact same words of a representative that couldn’t close a sale after 30 calls? Confidence my friend. It makes allrepparttar 127263 difference inrepparttar 127264 world.

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