A Cushy Business Idea

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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By Stephen Bucaro

How would you like to alleviate pain and provide comfort while providing yourself with a nice cushy lifestyle? You can achieve these goals by starting your own therapeutic pillows business.

A wide range of discomforts can be alleviated withrepparttar 117342 aid of therapeutic pillows. Below is a partial list ofrepparttar 117343 type of pillows you can provide.

- Acid reflux pillows - Allergy control pillows - Back lumbar support pillows - Neck pillows - Wrist carpal pillows

Your business can design and manufacture custom therapeutic pillows. There is no limit torepparttar 117344 range of pillow designs that you can provide. Below is a list of some ofrepparttar 117345 properties of a pillow that can be varied.

- Shape and size - Fabric material - Fabric color and pattern - Fill material

Neck pillows are usually shaped like a U. Take a look at: www.natures-comfort.com/herbal.html where they sell hand crafted herbal therapy pillows in assorted prints for $25.00.

A high angle pillow relievesrepparttar 117346 symptoms of acid reflux disease. Take a look at: www.acidrefluxpillow.com where they sell acid reflux pillows for $130.00 to $150.00 or more.

You will findrepparttar 117347 mother of all pillows at: www.cpapman.com/pillow.html where they sellrepparttar 117348 Total Body Pillow for $69.95 to $102.95. Can you image yourself snuggled into one of these in front of your TV?

In addition to infinite possibilities for color and pattern, you can create custom embroidered pillows, or pillows with custom picture transfers.

Below is a list of possible fill materials.

- Buckwheat hulls - Foam - Rice bag pillows - Sand pillows

Are You Viral?

Written by Denise Hall

Are You Viral?

By Denise Hall (C) 2003

No, I'm not asking if you have a cold. Or if you're spreading a computer virus.

I'm talking about your business. Do you have hundreds of visitors to your website everyday? Are you making lots of sales? Can you afford to quit your day job?

Ifrepparttar answer to these questions is "no" maybe you need to revamp your business plan.

A fellow ezine publisher recently asked me how I get new subscribers to my newsletter.

The key is to PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE! And when you're done, PROMOTE some more! I can't stress that enough.

You don't have to be an ezine publisher to use these resources. They pertain to running any internet business. Everyone needs to get VIRAL!

What exactly does that mean?

It means spreadingrepparttar 117339 word about your business every possible way and everywhere you can. It means making your name and your website known torepparttar 117340 world! There are many ways to do this.

Advertising in ezines gets good results because they have targeted audiences. Subscribers are readingrepparttar 117341 information provided so they can learn. They're also looking for quality money-making opportunities, good advertising resources and tools to help them with their businesses.

There are many directories available to find quality newsletters and ezines. This is just a small sampling:

http://ezinexchange.com/index.html?m=56364207 http://www.freezineweb.com/more-directories.html http://www.ezineworld.com/index.php3?refid=1208

Banner exchanges are a good way to advertise, too. We all see banners displayed at just about every website we visit. If a banner catches our attention we click on it, don't we? Getrepparttar 117342 point?

A banner exchange means your banner is displayed on other websites in exchange for displaying their banner on your website. It's a free service.

Here are a few sites that offer banner exchanges:

http://freeautobot.com http://www.adtactics.com/index.php?ac=itsallfree2002 http://QuickPayPro.com/x/qpp.cgi?adminid=1946&id=40550&pid=0

This website is just FREE banners for you. No exchange is necessary. Check it out here: http://www.unlimitedbanners.com/?a=gifts_n_things2002

Many websites offer banner displays for a fee, also. If you don't have your own website you may want to buy some banner displays as an alternative since you can't display other people's banners.

Banners get attention, and you want attention! Here are some good sites to visit for paid banner ads:

http://QuickPayPro.com/x/qpp.cgi?adminid=1946&id=40550&pid=4597 http://www.autohtml.com/a.cgi?id=itsallfree2002

Most duplicated websites come with banner URLs and information explaining how to use your banner for exchanges. However, if you don't have a banner for your business or newsletter, or if you'd just like to have a different one, you can make them here for free:

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